Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yuukaku Hen Episode 8 “Gathering” – Let’s Discuss

In the words of the sound hashira Tengen UzuiThings are now getting flashy! Is it just me or does every episode of Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yuukaku Hen leaves you with a mind-numbing feeling, honestly I don’t think I can take much anymore.

In Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yuukaku Hen episode 8 titled “gathering”, as its title suggests we see all the demon slayers Zenitsu, Innosuke, Tanjiro, and Uzui gather together to take down the brother-sister duo the upper six demon daki and gyutaro.


However, right when we were gaining some hope, Gyutaro reveals that Tengen has actually been poisoned by his blades, and slowly but steadily it is showing his effects. To this Uzui replies by completely denying the facts and telling them that he comes from a shinobi family and poisons don’t affect him that much.

Daki refutes his claims and announces that the shinobi have been dead since the Edo period. But, as it turns out they haven’t. Gyutaro is pissed off by Tengen and his good looks and his wives and calls him being born special for pushing him so far. Tengen laughs at his remarks and tells him how his father going mad about the fact that the shinobi family has gone instinct pushed him and his nine brothers and sisters into terrifying training, and by the time he turned 15 seven of his siblings were already dead. However his younger brother was still alive, but he was a man just like his father, a despicable man, throwing away his humanity to revive the clan.


Therefore, Tengen refused to follow his father’s and brother’s ideals and along with his wives joined the demon slayer corps. He remembers the words of the great master and his kind smile thinking that he will happily throw away his life for his cause.

He then with his flashy moves beheads daki once more. Daki after being beheaded again finally loses her cool and goes on a rampage but is shell shocked to see zenitsu strike! Zenitsu and Innosuke then leave to deal with Daki meanwhile, Tanjiro and Uzui both now injured are left to deal with Gyutaro, who although looking like skin and bones is actually responsible for killing and eating over 15 hashiras.

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Tanjiro haunted by the memories of the past do everything to back up Tengen in his fight and uses his water breathing technique to go on full defense. Meanwhile, daki now separated from her brother, powers up and unleashes brutal attacks on Innosuke and zenitsu and both of them are also now forced to go on defense.


However, right when all of the demon slayers were having a hard time, one of Tengen’s wives launches hundreds of kunai at Gyutaro, who easily dodges them, but in that one moment, watches Tengen approaching him, also being stabbed by the knives and puts one in his neck. Tengen then cuts away his limbs which gyutaro realizes are unable to generate thanks to the wisteria-covered knives, and now tanjiro lunges forward to behead gyutaro.

Will Tengen be able to protect his self-proclaimed Tsugoku, or will he also face the same fate as Rengoku once again by the hands of Muzan’s minions? To find out what happens next make sure to stay tuned and do not forget to watch Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yuukaku Hen Episode 9 titled “How to defeat an upper ranking demon” coming this Sunday!


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