Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yuukaku Hen Episode 10 – Let’s Discuss!

I don’t know about you guys but episode 10 of Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yuukaku Hen Gave me chills! It was one of those episodes that was right down scary from the start and gets more terrifying as we progress onto the story and proved to us how powerful Muzan’s army really is and it comes as no surprise that the members of the upper moon six have not changed for a century.

With the season 2 of the series now on the verge of ending, I think it is safe to say that the season finale of the series which is going to be 45 minutes long will be one hell of a ride. Episode 10 titled “Never Give Up” definitely lives up to its title because we got to see how hard it was for the entire team to bring down the upper moon 6 ranks 6 demon Gyutaro and Daki.


The brother-sister combo gave a hashira as capable and strong as Uzui Tnegen a run for his money, and not only succeeded in amputating him but also destroying his left eye. However, one of the most horrifying things about the episode was definitely tanjiro’s struggle and how he got stabbed in his face, and despite sustaining such horrifying injuries managed to help Tengen decapitate the gyutaro.

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However, one of the brighter aspects of episode 10 was definitely zenitsu and his god flash which by far was one of the most amazing moves in the entire series. In just one swift move, the demon daki who was giving everyone so much trouble was now falling in Zenitsu’s mercy and we finally got the answer to one of the most anticipated questions, Is innosuke dead?

Well, spoiler alert! He isn’t! It seems like innosuke wasn’t just faking it when he said that living in mountains has made him strong because thanks to all his harsh experiences, he is somehow able to move around his internal organs and is resistant to all kinds of poison! How freaky is that!


However, the fruition of everyone’s hard work and the will to “Never give up” was evident in the entire episode and we saw one of the most well-animated desperate fights ever made and the nail-biting events don’t seem to stop, because after getting beheaded the brother-sister launch a terrifying attack which destroys the entire Yoshiwara district.

Episode 10 ends on a horrifying cliffhanger, with Tengen desperately trying to make tanjiro run away and save him, and tanjiro falling on the ground due to his injuries. Did tanjiro and his friends make it out alive? Will they be able to get out of this fight unscathed, to find out the answer to these questions don’t make to tune in to Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yuukaku Hen final episode coming on 13th February 2022!

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