Kimetsu No Yaiba Episode 5 – Let’s Discuss!

Let’s be honest here, the fans of the series this season were quite disappointed, disappointed that we simply can’t get enough! The first season of the Kimetsu no Yaiba series gave the fans a heart-wrenching and adventure-filled 26 episodes.

However, this year we were greeted by the 7 repeat episodes of Mugen Train and a season 2 lasting for only 11 episodes, clearly disappointing. However, needless to say, these 5/11 episodes so far have been absolutely gut-wrenching and thrilling and it’s getting harder and harder to wait every week.


Episode 5 began with Tengen sensing a fight going on, and while on pursuit encounters one of his wives, who is gravely injured and trapped by the demon. Extremely saddened to see his beloved wife in this condition, he asks her to rest and recover and leave the Yoshiwara district while she still has the chance.

Meanwhile, Tanjiro is battling Daki who points out that only in a few small blows, Tanjiro has managed to nick his nichirin sword, making him realize something that he has long been trying to suppress – that his body is just not compatible with the water breathing style, and much to his dismay if he keeps on following this style he will never get stronger.

He realizes that it is while performing the hinokami kagura breathing technique that he is truly able to harness all of his powers and unleashes his hard-trained attack on the demon Daki, who although surprised at first remains mostly unharmed.


Tanjiro however, is soon confronted by how strong the demon really is and the episode cuts to the story towards Innosuke. Innosuke as it turns out, thanks to his distinctive animal instincts goes absolutely on a rampage to find the demon’s lair and literally dislocates all of his joints purposely to fit into the tiny hole.

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After jumping through, what it seems like an endless maze, he is shocked to see the demon’s lair and how she has captured so many people in her stomach belt, who she is planning to devour one by one. However, unfazed by this sight he begins doing his work and finds tengen’s two other wives Makio and Suma, and none other than our favourite character Zenitsu.

Makio and Suma

The four of them then begin attacking the demon’s food storage area and manage to get everyone free. However, it is the arrival of Tengen that puts the final blow, who reveals that things are going to get really flashy!

In the episode 6 of Kimetsu No Yaiba Yukkaku-Hen titled “Layered Memeroies” some rea flashy fights are going to begin,and we might also get some flashbacks into each characters past, especially the sound hashira Uzui Tengen’s. Therefore, make sure to keep on following our posts and do not forget to watch Kimetsu No Yaiba Episode 6 coming out on 9th January 2022!

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