Isekai Ojisan A Brand New Anime Taking A Fresh Take On the Genre Coming Soon!

Let’s be honest, after the massive success of sword art online, one of the first Isekai animes to gain such recognition, it seemed as though a brand new genre of anime took birth. With the increasing advancement in technology of the modern world, it is almost certain that one day we might just become the characters of Iseaki anime ourselves. However, that is exactly what makes the genre soo enticing and refreshing to watch. I mean, who doesn’t want to escape their lives and delve into the world of their favorite games. A life of adventure, mystery, magic, and more, unlike our present boring lives. However, in 2022, get ready to witness a brand new type of plot in the Isekai universe with Isekai Ojisan!

In the run of the mill Iseaki animes, we generally see a hikikomori protagonist wallowing their pain away in their games, Or we see them dying a painful death in a freak accident only to be reincarnated into a different world. We see them magically enter the universe that they have longed for soo long, and there goes their adventure stories. However, the biggest question that logic dictates us to ask is, do they ever come back? Do our anti-social game-obsessed protagonists ever return to the human world? And if they do, what happens next?

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Isekai Ojisan A Brand New Anime Taking A Fresh Take On the Genre Coming Soon!

This is the exact question that Isekai Ojisan answers to all the curious people out there. The plot of the show is centered around a young man named Takafumi and his uncle, who has been in a coma for the past 17 years. However, On one fine day, Takafumi’s uncle wakes up, only to reveal that he wasn’t in a coma but was actually living in an Isekai Universe this entire time.

Skeptic at first, Takafumi thinks that his uncle is just confused, but all of his doubts are soon quashed when his Ojisan stars waving around the magical powers that were somehow able to follow him into this universe! Now with no one to look after him, Takafumi is now stuck with the custody of his abnormal magical uncle, who might have left some of his screws behind in the Isekai World.

This show is bound to keep all the isekai fans out there entertained and will also teach them a valuable lesson that sometimes parallel or multi-dimensional universes aren’t as great as we had thought! The anime adaptation of the manga has been announced, which will most likely premiere in 2022.