INU-OH An Animated Movie Based On True Events Releases Its First Trailer!

In recent times, the world has finally recognized Japan not just in terms of being one of the world’s greatest superpowers but also in how its influence is spreading over the west. The animated content that comes out of the country, the voice acting, the animations, and above all the stories! How each author manages to bring something different to the plate and how popular these mangas and animes have become is truly astonishing. If you’ve watched movies like Spirited Away. My Neighbour Totoro, Kimi No Na Wa then you will absolutely love the upcoming movie INU-OH.

The movie, which tells the story about INU-OH a strange creature hated by society working together with a loner blind Biwa player. The story will entail how these two formed an alliance and began working together, and how their friendship heals their wavering hearts.

However, the biggest surprise about INU-OH is that it is actually loosely based on a true story. Where a dance performer named Inou befriended a blind biwa player named Tomoyo in the ancient Japanese Muromachi period. The story of the movie will highlight how INU-OH the hideous dance performer who mesmerizes the audience with his movement and the blind biwa player became friends, and their adventures together.


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The film has some of the biggest names in the Japanese industry taking part with none other than Masaaki Yuasa being the film’s creator and director. For our readers who might not know, Masaaki has been a part of some of the greatest movies of Japanese cinema and directed works like Devilman Crybaby, Crayon Shin-chan a show that every kid loved while growing up, and many more!

Not to mention, that INU-OH will also officially mark the entry of Japan’s animated movies’ first appearance in the International Venice Film Festival and everyone has high hopes for its success. Therefore, the creators haven’t faltered to now gather the attention of their audience and have recently released a first look and a brief trailer about the movie.

INU-OH is a story that tells the tale of how one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and how we should never underestimate anybody. The beautiful plot of the movie, tells us how beauty is in the eye of the beholder and preaches the message that one should crave a beautiful soul rather than a beautiful body. Therefore, make sure to get completely blown away by INU-OH releasing in 2022. Also, make sure to watch its trailer, the link for which is given below.