“Huge AoT Fandom Taking Over Streaming Sites As The Final Season Returns” Reasons For Site-Crashes, Alternatives And More!

Amidst the ultimate thrill and excitement of the final season being released, “Attack on Titan” fans also found themselves under a quite craggy situation since the streaming services got weighed down on the return of the Fourth but Final Season.

No doubt, the attack on titan part 2 of the final season has been the most awaited winter 2022 release schedule of anime; also one of the most awaited anime releases for the entire year; which implies that millions of fans, including you and me, flooded to the streaming sites, logging in and anticipating to get to see all new gore and action, but all in vain!

Fans had to face unforeseen trouble due to the extensive demand. But hold on as here we bring to you Reasons For Site-Crashes, Alternatives, And More in this article below.

Reasons For Site-Crashes Alternatives And More

Which sides crashed and why?

A situation similar to the previous year arrived when the fans, in huge numbers, flocked to the premiering sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation only to find them crashing and not showing up! The apps for the same also left us disappointed. Some of the fans already expected this on the occasion of the Big Return! Continue ahead to know all of the Reasons For Site-Crashes, Alternatives, And More.

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Any Alternatives that we know of?

Many of the fans were stuck disheartened by the crashes of these sites; however, some others managed to fly away to an alternative site Hulu, which is running on a free trial for now. Here’s a direct link to the page.

Another alternate option would be to Wait A While since the crash doesn’t last for over an hour at the max!

What Problems Are Fans Facing?

We have also got to know from fans that even if by some means they are managing to log in and access the sites, they are being flashed with messages like, “We are very sorry. A team of shinobi is working hard to bring your anime back. Thank you for being so patient.”

Anyway, a piece of good news in this regard has been The official handles of Crunchyroll taking to Twitter to let us know that the fixation is in progress-

Every fan has had a different approach to these unexpected-but-expected crashes. some rolled back into their beds disappointed, some bashed the hosting sites, and yet few others made theirs and others mood lighter by sharing memes on the issue, some of which were-

With that, we would like to end the article here hoping you got all the insights on Reasons For Site-Crashes, Alternatives, And More! Make sure to comment, and let us know if you faced these issues too.

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