Error By Hololive A Bone Chilling Horror Project Waiting For You This Halloween!

Japan is known for a lot of things, its culture, its people, their stories, and their ingenuity when it comes to the art of animation. We all know how literally every single horror game franchise that has ever been successful had a Japanese team working in the back. Whether we look at games like Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil, and so on. I mean who can forget how scary Resident Evil 7 was.

Similarly, our readers who have watched corpse party will tell you how horrible, gory, and absolutely bloodcurdling these games can get because corpse party the anime series is actually based on the infamous videogame. However, this year, it seems that Hololive, a group of enthusiastic YouTubers ready to exhibit their talents has launched a new horror project called ERROR.

From the looks of the teaser trailer (Link attached below), the plot of the series much like the anime corpse party will revolve around high school students in well their high schools. However the setting will take place in two different worlds,  and two different schools connected to each other by some horrible past.


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But one thing is for certain, that from the looks of the teaser trailer of Hollolive Error the new franchise will be extremely creepy at best to make you cry for your mother at worst. I mean the things that make any horror anime “Scary” are ofcourse their dark themes and the villains ready to chop us up into pieces but also their frightening vibes. The vibe that really bad things are going to happen soon and that we might witness some gory torture where the monster plucks our eyeballs out with a spoon. Normal right? Not to mention, the screams and the wounds and the blood and all the chopped up organs lying on the floor like confetti and the darkness which reminds us of our empty and lonely lives is what makes the horror genre the best genre ever!

Therefore will Hollolive Error live up to its hype? We will have to wait and find out for ourselves. To be really honest with our readers, very little information regarding the entire project has been released. To the point where we are not even certain whether it will be a game or something else? However, what we do know is that it’s coming right on time around the best time of the year, no it’s not Christmas you filthy kids, it’s Halloween! That’s right, the series will premier in October and we can expect a lot of new info to get released in the coming months. Therefore, make sure to keep yourself updated by following our posts.