Hiro Shimono Gives An Insight Of His Personal Life

Hiro Shimono is a profound voice actor who has come up the ranks with sheer hard work. He has been a voice actor for characters in Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Yosuga no Sora, My Hero Academia and many more. Moreover, he has also been a music artist and is undertaken by Pony Canyon. Recently in an interview of Demon Slayer Cast, Hiro revealed some personal life information.

Hiro Shimono Speaks About His Marriage:

In the interview, Hiro Shimono revealed that he has been married for ten years now. Furthermore, he also announced the birth of his second child this summer. Hiro has two lovable children. When asked why he hid this fact, Hiro calmly replied that he didn’t think it was a topic to be discussed. Hiro said he felt that he wasn’t popular enough for the audience to be curious about his personal life. Apart from this, he didn’t know that this would make any news for the public.

Nonetheless, Hiro is a hard-working and humble person. His colleagues have always felt better with his addition to any group. Hiro is having a successful career, and we hope this continues. Some of his works are popular, so let’s take a look at them.

Shimono Hiro singing

Hiro Shimono: The Voice Actor

Hiro has been working hard to build his career and be a known figure in the industry. The voice acting community has a history of being a challenging job. Japanese voice actors have to put a lot of effort into their work. Despite this, they aren’t assured of any subsequent project. However, a successful career out of voice acting presents a lot. Hiro Shimono has been targetting this success for many years, and now, he can proudly say that he has a definite place for fans. Some of his works include:

Zenitsu From Demon Slayer:

Zenitsu is one of the main characters of Demon Slayer. He has a cowardly personality. However, things change when he gets to sleep or gets knocked back. From a loud coward to a silent killer, Zenitsu has a lot of variation to be performed by a voice actor. Hiro Shimono has done great playing this character as it takes a lot of toll on one’s vocal cords.

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Dabi From My Hero Academia:

In contrast to Zenitsu, Dabi is a much more silent person. Apart from this, he’s also one of the main antagonists of the story. The mute feature of Dabi has always been a favorite fan element of My Hero Academia. Hiro Shimono yet again proves how he’s capable of performing such transitions.

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Connie Springer From Attack on Titan:

Hiro Shimono has the essence of playing characters with cowardly but loud voices. Connie is one of the most compelling characters of Attack on Titan. Apart from just being a side character, he’s loved by the fandom for his genuineness.

Hiro Shimono has played many characters. These were just examples of the wide variety of displayed talent. We hope he keeps on entertaining us. Since he’s a hard worker, he’d always stand up to the expectations.