Heike Monogatari Receives A New Key Visual

Funimation‘s original Heike Monogatari or Heike Story acquired a new key visual on October 7th, 2021. Additionally, Adam McArthur also commented on the Twitter post. The tragic storytelling of the past wars has always left the viewers with heavy hearts. Although the show didn’t get much exposure in the community, it indeed impacted its viewers. In addition, the fact that it shows stories based on actual events is another feat.

Heike Story Key Visual By Funimation:

Heike Monogatari is an original anime of Funimation in collaboration with Science SARU. The production seems to be pulling some punches while promoting the series. In contrast, the uniqueness of visuals and narration furnishes a sweet scent of justice to the series. On October 7th, Funimation uploaded a new visual of Biwa.

Biwa (Image: Twitter)

This visual soothingly depicts the meaning of the flowers surrounding Biwa. Having the name Sala flowers, they represent a short life or a beautiful fulfilled one. Sala flowers are small and pretty. However, they have a short lifespan and easily get eroded by the harsh winds of nature. Thus, we can say that Biwa’s life is like these flowers- a beautiful one but short-lived. Apart from this key visual, a character art of Biwa was released. Biwa seems to be in her previous poet state with a red yukata.

Biwa, in her poet state (Image: Funimation)

Heike Monogatari:

The word Monogatari means narration or storytelling. Apart from the usual tales, it illustrates the Japanese stories from the Heian to Muromachi era, i.e., 794-1573 AD. Thus, we can presume Monogatari holds utmost importance to the Japanese audience. Heike Monogatari depicts some of these tales, which refer to the civil war era in Japan.

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Biwa is a blind young girl who makes her living through singing. However, the girl has extraordinary powers which let her see into the future. On her journeys, she meets Taira no Shigemori. Taira is a patriarch to the powerful Taira family. Hence, he takes help from Biwa’s powers to get the upper hand in the wars. Heike Monogatari gives an eccentric view of war through a different art style than other anime. Apart from the visuals, the way it tells tales through Biwa’s poetry holds a good essence. Additionally, Biwa is just a storyteller, and not an original character like others of the series is also a unique concept.