Get Ready For Cuteness Overload As Chikawa Anime Premieres This Spring!

If you loved shows like Ostwald while growing up and loved the cute and bizarre adventures of the blue octopus and his friends, then you are absolutely in for a treat because one of the most heartwarming animes titled “Chikawa” is all set to make its premiere in the spring of 2022!

Chikawa is based on the Japanese one-page manga originally titled Nanka Chiisakute Kawaii Yatsu, which translates to “something short and cute” and is written by the author Nagano. The story of the manga highlights the life of a strange fictional creature called Chikawa, who, much like Winnie the Pooh, loves honey and loves hard work and cannot wait to get the fruits of his hard work!


The anime is an excellent show for the kids of young age and would remind each adult of shows like Winnie the pooh and Ostwald, one of the fan favorites while growing up! Therefore, if you’re looking for something that will make your kids into better person, then no anime could be better than Chikawa!

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The anime doesn’t have a centralized plot and shows the daily life of Chikawa, who, despite loving to eat, works hard for what he earns. Not to mention that the cuteness of Chikawa is undoubtedly going to leave you absolutely breathless and send a big darn smile on your face that chikawa himself keeps all the time, despite of all the harsh realities!

Therefore, if you’re looking for an anime to brighten up your spring this season, then do not under any circumstances miss this anime coming to your screens pretty soon!

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