Taiwanese RPG Series ‘Fantasia Sango’ And It’s TV Anime Premiere Delayed

In 2003 UserJoy Technology’s Taiwanese Role-playing game franchise called ‘Fantasia Sango’ saw the daylight with the launch of its first game. According to the records, with its fifth edition in the market, the franchise has managed to sell over two million copies since its first launch. Let’s go over the details of this game and talk about its further development in the anime world.

Transition From A Game To An Anime

‘Fantasio Sango’ was supposed to be released as a TV anime named ‘The Gensou Sangokushi-Tengen Reishinki’ in October 2021. It was announced by the anime studio called Geek Toys. It is being directed by Shunsuke Machitani along with asst. director Shinpei Nagai. Masashi Suzuki has taken the lead in working on the script. Along with the team, CSPG and Tetsutaro are in charge of designing the characters. The team is filled with talented people to make this adaptation as smooth as possible.

Due to the rise of “various circumstances,” as stated by the production committee, this anime has been shifted back to an undecided premiere date from its October 2021 schedule. Many are stumped to know about this. But the most a person can do right now is wait and cheer them on.

What Is The Game ‘Fantasia Sango’ Or Better Known As Huanxiang Sanguozhi / Gensou Sangokushi all about?

This is not a game with a simple backstory; it has a combination of China’s one of the great classical novels known as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms ( the others being Journey to the West, Dream of the Red Chamber, Water Margin/Suikoden) along with the elements of supernatural fantasy. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms even has a manga adaptation named ‘Sangokushi.’

This game is set in the ancient China time period. During this era, the famous and powerful warlords attempt to conquer the realms or nations and unify them. Trying to achieve this feat takes a lot of effort and struggle. In their attempt, their struggles get noticed by the almighty ruler of evil spirits, Mouryou King. He had the wicked wish to continue the injustice on the human world to destroy it. To defeat and oppose King Mouryou, an organization called Tengen formed armies called anti-Mouryou that took part in battles all over China. But it was a tough battle to win when the sixth anti-Mouryou team also got defeated.

Amidst this hopeless time, a rag-tag group of 4 reform as the sixth unit and fought the battles. It consists of a leader and a seal practitioner named Oki, a spirit purifier called Shunkyo, Teiken, and a demon slayer known as Shorei. They fight with their powers and skills and try to bring peace to the nations. And from here begins the real premises of the game, ‘Fantasia Sango.’

This particular franchise of ‘Fantasia Sango’ will reach new heights and be a hit with this adaptation. One should definitely look forward to it and support them!