Rune Factory 5: Trailer For Switch Game Reveals Release Date And Other Details

A new trailer of the upcoming Rune Factory 5 is out. The trailer shows how would be the game. Moreover, have an outlook on the features available. This game will offer a 3D world. There are many players around the world of Rune Factory. Many new features are available in this. We will discuss that further—an RPG which will win many hearts. The players protect their town. Moreover, day to day activities like harvesting crops, participating in a local festival, and fishing are available.

One may find a partner. One may even fall in love and get married. Players will form a team that will allow to take down the monsters. Let us dig deeper on different features. Moreover, know the release date of the game.

Release date of Rune Factory 5

Initially, the game was scheduled to release in 2020. However,  the schedule got delayed. Meanwhile, the news has confirmed that the Rune Factory 5 will release in spring 2021.

It will launch on Nintendo switch. Soon a new game will join the RPG series.

Rune Factory 5
Source: Gamekult

Features of new version

The upcoming version of the RPG series has many exciting features. You will like those. The features will tempt you to install and play the game. The features include:

  • Be a part of peacekeeping ranger and defend your frontier, support your community
  • Team up with townsfolk and tame monsters. Also, explore the world.
  • There are fields all over, cultivate your crops.
  • Along with your teammates unleash powerful combo attacks.
  • One can find love, friendship, and family with the cast of characters.


The game sets off into a fantasy world. An adventurous journey in the Rune Factory simulated RPG series. Meanwhile, a hero of the story loses his memory.

After that he land to a small village. That town is blessed by nature. So, after a while, they get induced into a peacekeeping gang. With a whole new life, they are on an adventure.

The hero leads a peaceful and happy life. He does fishing; also, he can farm the land, cast a line into the river, and more. You can team up with the folks and fight a battle against the monster.

This will bring joy and excitement in the gaming world. The new trailer is out. If you have not watched, have a look.

That’s it for today. Until next time.

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