Relogic Terraria “Journey’s End” Has just Began!

Terraria updates are still under development, are in the news according to the Re-Logic staff members. Since there is no official announcement of the updates, nothing can be appropriately said with certainty.  The information is on the basis of the comments or screenshots presented by the staff. So the assumption may be or not end up in a future Terraria update at all.

What is Terraria: Journey’s End?

Terraria is an action-adventure game. Re-Logic developed it in 2011. After so many long years (probably 9), the update of the game is coming in the market. The update is known as Journey’s End. And it is also in the news that it could be the last update of the game.

A trailer for Journey’s End was in the air back to late 2019 during E3 2019. But now it is late. The developers of the game now have announced that the final update will be in 2020. Why is this Delay? Officially there is no reason. I mean they don’t have responded to any reason except the Corona Pandemic. Thus, there is a little too much grief among the players

Release Date- Terraria: Journey’s End

Terraria: Journey’s End will premiere someday in 2020. From the core information by the staff of the Relogic, it is likely to be released in Fall 2020. due to Corona Virus so, many updates are getting delayed. So many works, tasks, programs, and events have been postponed and rescheduled. Thus the delay from 2029 to 2020 is core because of the widespread Corona Virus. All the work for developers has downshifted from home or halted. So, please get the point and cooperate to run it smoothly.

 Some New items- Terraria: Journey’s End

The updates contain many new features. Some of those are detailed below.

  • Several new weapons:

So many weapons have been introduced in the new version. Celebration Mk. II  is one of them. It can shoot multiple different types of fireworks in a related fashion to the Celebration. But some appear to be affected by gravity.  (To watch how it works in the game, just click on the Celebration Mk. II).

Next, it comes on, Star Cannon. Like the Influx Waver, a secondary projectile appears when an enemy is hit with the primary projectile in order to deal extra damage. ( To watch how it works in the game, just click on the Star Cannon). Now some less destructive weapons are, the sword Meowmere and The Gladius; spear, the desert-themed Storm Spear; bow, the Blood Rain Bow, gun, the Quad-Barrel Shotgun; The Tragic Umbrella; and pickaxe, the Fossil Pickaxe. here the short gun is similar to the Boomstick. The umbrella is related to the graveyard mini biome.



  • Some new consumable food items.
  • It contains a burger, milkshake, hot dog, pizza, a slice of cake, and apples. Additional to it, it includes Roasted Bird,  Penguin at a Cooking Pot, and the Well Fed buff.
  • Desert Torch, a new type of torch.
  • Several new Minecarts, including  “Minecarp”.
  • Many new vanity items and sets.
  • Several new traps.[discord 11]
  • Several new furniture items:



  • A special set of storage items

It consists of the Void Vault and the Void Bag. The Void Vault is a 3×2 storage furniture item. It is similar to the Money Trough that summons floating storage. If the player’s inventory is full and he could not pick any normal items, then it will automatically move into the Void Vault storage. This is indicated by a purple pickup text. This is only possible while carrying a Void Bag.

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