Kingdom Hearts To Release On Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Hearts’ Dark Road’s final chapter is set to be released this year. However, the latest trend about the game is that it will be available on Nintendo Switch. Not only the newest chapter but also several previous ones. On October 6th, 2021, the official YouTube channel of the franchise streamed a short video regarding all the news floating around.

Kingdom Hearts Journey:

The partnership between Walt Disney and Square Enix has been fruitful to each side over the years. Moreover, both sides have equally escalated each other’s popularity exponentially. Kingdom Hearts is a role-playing action game that includes characters from Walt Disney Productions. Apart from the Disney characters, it also features characters from Pixar, Final Fantasy, and many other production houses under Disney. While the first game was released in 2002, the latest was released in 2020. Since its debut, the game has been attractive, with each new game conveying a different all-over scenario.

Sora (Image: Disney)

The story revolves around Sora, who goes through different universes to save the seven Princesses of Heart. However, he’s always obstructed by the main antagonist of the series Xehanort. Xehanort sends underlings named Heartless, and his main objective is to capture the Princesses to open the Door of Darkness. Sora acquires help from various Disney characters like Donald, Goofy, and Mickey. In contrast, he also faces some evil characters like Maleficent, Jafar, Captain Hook, etc. Thus, we can presume Disney fans enjoy Kingdom Hearts a lot.

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Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Trailer

As mentioned above, the official channel of the franchise released a video regarding the last chapter of Dark Road. Additionally, it also revealed that numerous Kingdom Hearts games are going to be released on Switch. Due to Cloud-Streaming, the possibility of this happening took place. Previously we could only play Melody of Memory on Switch. At the same time, the other games were obtainable on different platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, GameBoy Advance.

Nevertheless, the new games added on Switch are announced to be:
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix (2013), 2.5 Remix (2014), 2.8 (Final Chapter Prologue) and 3 (2019) (+Re Mind).