Kangokutō Mary Skelter Finale: Release Delayed, Details About New Date!

Kangokutō Mary Skelter Finale PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch is a popular game we all know about. Recently, Compile Heart made an announcement that it will be delaying the release of the game. The firstly decided date of release was set to be October 8, and after the change, it is now November 5. Before this, another delay occurred for the game, as it was originally to be out on August 27. The Cast and the staff of the agency again put out “various circumstances” as the main reasons for the delay.

On Monday, The site also put out the first chapter. It is a prequel novel to the game. This novel came out for free.

Kangokutō Mary Skelter Finale is the most popular new game in the Mary Skelter franchise. Also, it will have an “adventure story”. This story will talk about the stories of the previous two games in the franchise. Also, about the Koigokutō Mary Skelter spinoff game.

Compile HeartDengeki Bunko, and Dengeki PlayStation put it out the 3D dungeon-crawler game will come out on March 26.

The release will also document the “love swimsuit romance adventure game”. Koigokutō Mary Skelter True End will also take pre-orders for the game. Pre-orders will contain special gift which may not be included in other purchases. Pre-orders will hence contain a mini-poster.

Image Source: Sony

Also, the limited-edition version of the game will include many things. They include

  • a specially designed box
  • the soundtrack
  • the soundtrack of previous games
  • An art collection
  • and a bath poster.

Mary Skelter: Nightmares (Kangokutō Mary Skelter) came out on the PlayStation Vita in Japan. It came out in October 2016.

Idea Factory International put the game out in places like North America and Europe around September 2017. Compile Heart then also put out the sequel, Mary Skelter 2 in Japan. It came out for the PS4 in July 2018. The shipment of the Switch version of Mary Skelter 2 happened in Japan in August 2019.

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Idea Factory International gave the game a digital release in North America and Europe. This occurred in October for the Switch.

The release also contained an updated version of the first Mary Skelter: Nightmares game.

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