Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 2; Everything We Know So Far!

“Dragon Ball” Franchise has collected a tremendous number of fans worldwide since it first debuted in the 80s’. Whether it is anime, manga, games, or toys; the DBZ franchise has covered it all and is continuing to monopolize those areas efficiently. In news regarding its Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Game, twitter is blowing up with the news. Coming this fall 2020, we might get to see a new DLC entailing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 2.

Developed by CyberConnect2, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a semi open-world action role-playing game based on the Dragon ball world. They released the game on 17th January 2020 for platforms like PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. Amazingly, the game sold over 1.5 million copies in its first week of release.

Unlike most of the games in the franchise, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot follows a multiplayer role-playing game format rather than a fighting game one. The player can do more than just battle their opponents, like fishing, eating, training, and playing as if the player is part of the surrounding Dragon Ball world. The gameplay follows the main protagonist, Goku, and the Z-fighters.

What Is Included In The Next Batch Of DLC For Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 2?

DBZ Kakarot’s latest DLC will contain a new free card game called “Dragon Ball Card Warriors”. Goku and Vegeta have awakened Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan through training on Beerus’s Planet. The Ginyu Force will make an appearance too. At the time the Frieza Force attacks the Earth, expect an epic battle between these 3.

Free Card Game DLC. Image Source: IGN.

Golden Frieza who has gotten Stronger after training will appear as the new boss!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Part 2 DLC’s Additional Episode. Image Source: Sony.

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What Is The Release Date Of DBZ: Kakarot Newest Addition?

DBZ: Kakarot DLC Part 2 release is just around the corner. We expect its release this fall 2020.


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What Exactly Is A DLC?

According to Wikipedia, DLC is an acronym of Downloadable Content. DLC is additional content created for an already released video game, distributed through the Internet by the game’s publisher. We can add it for either no extra cost or it can be a form of video game monetization, enabling the publisher to gain additional revenue from a title after it has been purchased, often using some type of micro-transaction system. For Example, Let’s take one of the hot mobile games currently, “Among Us”. We can buy additional content that can be purchased online and added on to a video game, to enhance its features: If you buy the outfit and pets, it enhances your sim. Or take the banned game “PUBG”: If you buy the DLC, you’ll have access to the new enhanced weapon packs.


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