Fire Force Season 3 Everything You Need To Know!

Releasing in 2018, the Fire Force anime created a lot of buzz on its debut. With its unique storyline, interesting characters, and a plot that thickens with each second, the show proved to be a lot better than most people had anticipated and the fact that it is is written by the writer of Soul eater the great Atsushi Okubo only helped the anime gain more fame.

Although I’m not going to lie, that fire force in its starting episodes was kind of bland with jokes without a soundtrack and a character for the sole purpose of Fan service. However, the fact that it kept on growing from there introducing one great character after another and uncovering more mysteries as the episodes moved on was something that really caught my eye.


The season 2 of the series, however, took the show to just a completely next level and the final episodes were some of the most gut-wrenching and horrifying that I’ve seen, a trademark of a great shounen anime.

Therefore, with two if seasons now already out, the fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive, but for some reason or another, the creators of the show are pretty silent about it.

Previously On Fire Force


In the last season, we see the team 8 investigating their border nation China and uncovering the secrets behind the terrorist group the followers of Evangelist. They uncover that the truth behind the Holy Sol temple might be a lot darker than they had imagined and that the religion of Sol itself might be fabricated by none other than Evangelist and her minions.

In the final episodes of season 2 we see Shinra, Arthur and the entire team 8 going on a joint mission with team 2 into Nether. However, things soon take a turn for worse, when the white clad, the soldiers of evangelist begin attacking them one after the another resutling into many deaths and casualities including our beloved character Juggernaut who after losing his team captain dives into an intense fight resulting in the loss of his arm and a leg.

The final episodes showcased how Shinra, Arthur and Tamaki go for training under the captain of team 7 Shinmon Benimaru and ended with the Evangelist getting ready to prepare an all out attack on Tokyo.

Fire Force Season 3 What To Expect

Fire Force Season 3 Everything You Need To Know!


With things now in total chaos and no answers or explanation whatsoever in sight, the one thing that is for certain is that the season 3 of Fire Force is going to be absolutely chaotic. With one intense fight after another, David Production will have to go all out with its animation.

As the fans of the manga might already know that the season 1 and 2 of  Fire Force covered in total 174 chapters of the manga. With 277 chapters now already out, the show makers from the looks of it have enough data to create another 24 episode season.

However, in April 2021, Kodansha revealed that the Fire Force manga had entered its final arc and will most probably end by 2022. Therefore, given how the manga is going to end soon, it seems plausible that the producers of the series might be waiting for more content to release and to make the season 3 the final season of the show.


Therefore, to answer the doubts of our readers – Will There Be A Season 3 Of Fire Force? Absolutely! The manga and the anime both are doing pretty well and the sales have only boosted since its entry into the final arc which is said to be extremely heartbreaking. So given the popularity of the show, the studio would have to be absolutely crazy or bankrupt to not animate the show any further.

So given the trend, if David Production does make an announcement for a season 3, the new episodes however will take some time and probably won’t premiere till the end of 2022. But, trust me the waiting would be absolutely worth it!


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