Fire Force: Season 2: Release Date, Spoilers, Preview and Recaps

Fire Force attained fans by firestorm, in its first season, debuted on last year. And the order is far away from over. The shonen is organized to make a comeback this year with season two. The release date for its premiere has also gone live. So if you were waiting for the new episodes, it is the time of joy. Earlier in June, the team behind Fire Force made an official post. It was regarding the release of season two. The show’s official Twitter page also confirmed the premiere would be on July 3. The only cause of this release is the hard work of  David Production’s right now. There is also a new banner hyping release. The supernatural firefighters are wrapping their usual gearing on season 2.  Thus, the Fire Force fans are naturally excited to meet up with these models once more.

Release Date:

According to the official  Twitter page of Fire Force, the release date of season two is July 3, 2020. The time is almost here, so get ready to have the enticing fights!

Fire fighter Season 2
Firefighter Season 2
Image – Twitter

Previously on Fire Force: Season One

In season 1, viewers observed firefighter Shinra taking down demonic presences. As a result of which flame is spread across the city. Company 8 also administered their supernatural fire fighting abilities against monsters. So in the nest season, fans are hoping more on firefighters and their supernatural powers.

Thus the season 2 is going to endeavor some new surprises about the story of these firefighters. Besides, many details will unfold regarding the Evangelists and the world of  Shinra. Fans are suspecting now, a  much more enticing battle to come.

Trailer: Fire Force: season 2

Here is a preview of the trailer of Fire Force Season 2, the awaited one for its fans.

It is of no neglect that the global pandemic wreaked havoc on lots of anime this year. Major series like Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World, Sazae-san to One Piece, and even Pokemon,  had their release dates postponed paused in this year.  But, Currently, many of those shows are working on their comeback.  In this positive scenery, the  Fire Force seems to hit the evaded a disaster.


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