Fena: Pirate Princess First Trailer Is Out!

If you thought that summer this year might be boring, think again! That’s right, there’s a brand new anime coming to town, and we want all our readers to be excited! Like the title subjects, the anime named Fena: Pirate Princess is an upcoming original Japanese anime series made by I.G Productions and licensed by Crunchyroll and Warner Bros.! Yep, you heard it right, Warner Brothers are also taking a step into the anime community  and will most likely license the anime’s English release. With big names like Warner Bros. showing their interest in Fena: Pirate Princess, it must be an anime worth looking out for.

The show’s plot revolves around a timeline of alternate history highlighting the 18th century and the British conquests of the continents. The story of the show will highlight the life of Fena Houtman, a young orphan girl living on an island from which she cannot escape. An island that is grooming her for a future darker than the color black. She is being reared and taken care of only to be used as a plaything by the British oppressors. Fearing of this harrowing future that comes closer to her every second, Fena decides to leave.  This is a story of a young girl who decides to change her fate. She must now escape the island and find out the truth behind the keyword “Eden” before it’s too late.

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Image: Crunchyroll

In the brand New Trailer, we can see, Fena on her wedding day,  thinking about her past and her life before she came to the island. However, just as Fena was about to accept her grim fate, she is rescued by a man from her past. Entrusting her with a mission along with a group of warriors to find out the meaning behind the transparent stone. Using this opportunity Fena escapes the island and she and her group embark on a journey of a lifetime. Excited? YOU SHOULD BE! Because Fena: Pirate Princess is all ready to make its world debut on the 15ht of August 2021.

Season 1 of the show will most likely contain 12 episodes. Not to mention the upcoming show has a huge lineup of wonderful voice actors, including the voice actress of Kugisaki Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen Asami Seto portraying Fena and Takahiro Sakurai The wonderful voice actor of Miyuki Kazuya from Diamon No Ace portraying Shitan.

Therefore, with amazing visuals, a wonderful story, and extremely talented Voice Actors, this summer has gotten a hell of a lot interesting! Make sure to watch all the latest episodes of Fena: Pirate Princess on Crunchyroll!