Tokyo Olympics 2020 Might Halt Due To Rise In Covid-19 Cases

Given the rise and advancement in medical technology, no one ever thought that the scientific community would be crippled this way by a virus that would go on to take millions of lives, render millions jobless and homeless, and would force billions of people to stay trapped at their homes for months! However, COVID-19  gave humanity a grim reminder that nature can take us all down in a second if it played its cards right.

As we all know the entire world has been facing a huge battle to limit the spread of the virus Covid-19, that is getting deadlier by the second. The restrictions that we all thought would only last for a few weeks have now been made into laws by many countries. For nearly 2 years the world has been trying to battle the pandemic and it’s many oncoming waves, each deadlier than the last. We have recently seen how the second wave of the disease crippled India and brought the countries’  medical infrastructure to its knees, where people were dying innecessantly due to lack of oxygen and medical supplies.

Similarly, according to the UN, the world has officially entered into the third wave of the pandemic, with cases surging all over Europe, the North American continent, and Indonesia, killing thousands upon thousands every day. However, the biggest culprit behind the third wave is the newfound Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus. A mutated strain that is highly resitant to vaccines and can spread at an alarming rate even with minimal contact.

Olympics Opening Ceremony
Image: CNN

Therefore, when Japan officially announced its bold move to bring the world back to normalcy and host the already postponed Tokyo Olympics 2020 in 2021, everyone had really high hopes. However, there is no audience allowed inside the tournaments, with everyone in the stadiums required to provide a negative report. It seems that even for a superpower like Japan, the pandemic is proving a lot to handle. The Tokyo prefecture of the country was already in a state of emergency even before the tournaments began. However, things it seems have only gotten worse, with its neighboring prefectures Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa reporting a tremendous surge in cases, prompting the Prime Minister of the country Yoshihide Suga to extend the state of emergency beyond the 22nd of August.

This news comes right after three days of the opening ceremony. However, if the cases keep surging like this, there is a high probability that the Tokyo Olympics might have to be halted and postponed once again. Although the country’s higher-ups are reluctant to make any changes to the scheduled games, trying their best to handle the situation with all the resources they have, the situation looks quite grim.

As spectators and fans of the sport, all we can hope is for Japan to ride out this wave as a nation with minimum casualties and wish that all the athletes’ hard work proves fruitful and doesn’t go in vain. Wishing our readers all the best, make sure to support the athletes representing your country in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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