Eren Yaegar The Best Protagonist Or Antagonist – Inside Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Let’s be honest here if someone had asked us whether Eren Yaegar from the Attack On Titan is the best protagonist before season 4 premiered, we all would be nodding our heads in unison! But, things took quite a different turn with the premiere of season 4, with eren going on a complete carnage, ready to take the revenge of all the people losing their loved ones by the hand of Marley and its forces.

In this year’s Crunchyroll anime of the year awards, attack on titan has managed to get nominated in over 9 categories, however, one of the strangest nominations of this year is definitely our beloved protagonist Eren Yaegar, having been nominated in not only the best protagonist category but also in the best antagonist category!

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Now, as confusing as it might be to the onlookers the viewers of the anime, after watching season 4 part 2 I’m pretty sure are confused as well. Till season 3 we saw Eren fight for his people, taking the survey corps to the Shiganshina district and doing everything in his power to protect his friends at any cost.


However, at the end of season 3 the big realization occurs when Eren’s father reveals to him that the origin of the Titans is in fact humans themselves, and the titans are actually none other than the people of Paradis Island, which changes Eren forever. At the end of season 3, we see every titan beyond the wall dead, thanks to Eren and all the happy times of seeing the innocent Eren ends as well.

In season 4 as we all know, Eren and his friends are now grown-up, however, the people who he once respected with all of his might, are now becoming the pawns in his game to destroy Marley entirely.


With complete disregard of killing so many people and some of his friends, the season 4 truly showed us how changed our sweet, scared protagonist has become, who’s putting everything on the line to exact his revenge, and to fulfill his promise that he made in season 1 that he will kill all the titans and eventually his enemies with his bare hands.

Seeing the personality shift of Eren from a protector to a tyrant has no wonder left the fans and the critics dazed and confused. So what do you think, is Eren the best protagonist or is he the most coolest, hottest and sexiest antagonist ever? Make sure to comment below and let us know!


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