Edens Zero Anime’s Director Sudden Demise!

Edens Zero is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series. Yūshi Suzuki was the director of the anime. Recently, it was revealed that the anime’s director had died. The Edens Zero crew were dealing with Yushi Suzuki‘s untimely death. At the same time, the anime fans who were unaware of this were enjoying the last episodes of the anime. The news of his passing has stunned and disappointed all of his fans.


When Did The Demise News Came Out?

Edens Zero ended its first season on a hopeful and exhilarating note. But no one predicted that the anime’s staff would meet a tragic end as well. The anime team stated that the show’s director, Yushi Suzuki, died on September 9, 2021, in a Tokyo hospital. Yuji Suzuki died before the anime’s final episode aired. But the team kept it a secret until the last episode aired. The announcement was made right after the season finale on October 3. All of the fans who were previously ecstatic are now heartbroken. Suzuki’s family are in our thoughts and prayers, and may his kind soul rest in peace.

Will Yuji Suzuki’s absence affect the Edens Zero series’ continuation??

Season 2 hasn’t been formally confirmed. But the cast and crew say Shiki’s adventures will continue. Suzuki will be deeply missed by both fans and staff. However, the series will no longer feel the same without him. Suzuki also worked on Hiro Mashima’s popular animation Fairy Tail. He has also contributed his talents and skills to the creation of much well-known anime. Edens Zero was his debut film as a filmmaker, and he did an excellent job.

Therefore, Fans can expect the release of season 2 of the series later, if not immediately.


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More About Edens Zero!

Hiro Mashima’s Edens Zero is a Japanese science fiction manga series that he wrote and drew. As of March 2021, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in fourteen tankbon volumes.