Earwig And The Witch Now On Netflix Globally

Studio Ghibli’s first CGI movie Earwig and the witch is set to stream on Netflix globally. Though the movie was released last year on December 30th, 2020, the viewers still want to taste some Studio Ghibli drama. Additionally, the story itself is worth a watch as it provides the magical taste which Studio Ghibli is famous for. Apart from the elements of magic, it also excels in art style and humor. Moreover, the official Twitter handle of Netflix UK & Ireland released the movie’s teaser on October 14th, 2021. Later on, they revealed that the film would be available on Netflix from November 18th, 2021.

Earwig And The Witch:

The CGI computer-animated movie was a success in Japan. Furthermore, it also gained popularity because of Studio Ghibli’s reputation in the anime community. Since the production has always proved its capability to provide great content, viewers around the globe have always looked forward to it. Additionally, Earwig And The Witch is a magic fantasy anime that the studio is incredibly famous for. Hence, we can say that another great storyline full of magical ecstasy is on its way.

Plot Of The Movie:

The movie revolves around Erica- an orphan at St. Morwald’s Home For Children. However, she’s just ten and doesn’t know about her origin. Erica is a playful straight-headed enthusiastic child who’s got all children and nuns of the orphanage under her control. Additionally, she enjoys her days in the orphanage with her friend Custard. Hence Erica doesn’t want to get adopted by anyone ever. Although she strikes back at each new person who visits the orphanage, she gets adopted by a very unusual couple. Thus, the story of Earwig And The Witch begins here.

Erica Meets The Witch

Bella Yaga and Mandrake adopt Erica against her wishes. Since Erica didn’t want to be adopted by anyone ever, she throws tantrums every time. However, she lights up when Bella reveals to her that she’s a witch. In addition, Bella also tells Erica that her real name is Earwig. Moreover, they make a deal that Bella would be teaching Erica how to use magic. In return, Erica would be helping with the household chores and giving an extra hand at the magical experiments.

Bella Yaga and Earwig (Image: Studio Ghibli)

Nevertheless, things don’t go as planned. Bella denies Erica each time she asks to learn magic from her. Thus, Erica makes an escape plan and turns the House into a chaotic field of fire. On the other hand, Erica’s biological mother is on her way to bring her back.

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Let’s see how the story seeks the attention of anime fans globally. Since Netflix has put its faith in every Studio Ghibli movie, we hope this one also stands up to everyone’s expectations.