Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3 – Let’s Discuss

It’s been three days since Demon Slayer season 2 episode 3 was released and I’m still left wondering what’s going to happen next!

In this episode we saw, things take a dark and gloomy turn, we see one of Tengen’s wives getting captured by what is revealed to be the upper ranking demon named Daki, who holds the sixth rank. Despite his best efforts, Innosuke is unable to catch up to her.

The story then progresses to show Zenitsu’s home in which it is revealed that the headmistress of the house has apparently committed suicide. Zenitsu in a bid to find more information, tries to eavesdrop, only to hear a little girl crying. Without thinking he rushes to her aid and sees that the girl is injured in a room that is in complete disarray, but before the girl could reveal what has happened, the answer to his doubts become pretty clear when Daki, seemingly without making any sound and completely hiding her presence, arrives standing behind both of them.


Just by her presence and aura Zenitsu immediately recognizes that this is no ordinary demon, with the power to make its presence completely hidden. He tries to act his way out of this situation but is left horrified when Daki pulls the little girl’s ears so hard that they begin bleeding. Unable to see her cruelty he holds her hand to try and stop her.

The story then goes into a flashback from two days ago, showing that the mistress of the house confronts Daki who goes by the alias Warabihime oiran and asks her to stop doing whatever she’s doing. The house mistress reveals to her that she knows that Warahibe is behind soo many people dying, going missing, and committing suicide, and holds a knife behind her back. She tells the demon a story she heard a long time ago about an evil mistress and asks the demon “Who are you?”, “Are you even a human?” or could you be possibly?” but before she could utter the words from her mouth, Warabihime reveals her true identity and drops the house mistress to her death.

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She later finds Muzan sitting in her room, who orders her to be cautious of the demon slayers especially a hashira. As it turns out Warabihime has killed in total 7 hashiras in her lifetime and now Tengen and his team are also on her tail.

The story then once again focuses on Zenitsu, and after punching him badly, she realizes that he’s no ordinary human and suspects that he might be a part of the demon slayer corp. The episode ends with the little girl and her triplets helping Zenitsu with his wound, and as soon as they leave we see Demon’s tentacle-like cloth behind Zenitsu, showing that It’s going to kill him.

The next episode of the Demon Slayer will be a gut-wrenching one, we don’t know how powerful Daki really is but with 7 hashira kills under her belt, she is absolutely one of the deadliest foes tanjiro and his friends have ever come across. We already know, that no hashira has been able to defeat an upper-ranking demon in the past 100 years, so will history once again repeat itself? Will we see another one of our favorite characters die? To find out the answer do not forget to watch Demon Slayer episode 4 coming out on 26th December 2021!

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