See the fateful aftermath of Peruvia’s big decision in ASH & THORN 4th Issue

AHOY Comics publishes some mindful comics. One of the books by Ahoy comics is Ash and Thorn. The fourth IssueIssue of the comic will come out tomorrow. Ahoy comics was founded by Hart Seely, Tom Peyer, and Stuart Moore. Moreover, Frank Cammuso also belongs to one of the founders. The exciting feature of Ahoy Comics is that it has backup material with every comic. Let us find out more about Ash & Thorn 4th Issue in this article.

Preview of ASH & THORN 4th Issue

The preview of the fourth Issue goes something like – After Peruvia decided to join the dark forces. Peruvia took this decision instead of being in a fight with them. However, Lottie is not much happy about the decision. Both Lottie and Peruvia’s fate say a different story. They are falling apart. Once, they bonded and decided to save the world together. What will happen? Will they be able to fight the darkness? Or destiny will make them enemies of the future?

Read the upcoming ASH & THORN 4th Issue to unleash the truth. Jill Thompson imitated the cover art of the Issue.

When will the 4th Issue release?

The first Issue of the comic was released digitally on June 24, 2020. ComiXology sells copies. A total of 31 pages are there in the first Issue. Then after the second issue was published on July 8, 2020. It had the same pages as that of the first Issue.

Furthermore, the third Issue was released on July 29, 2020. But, the page count is 32 pages.

The fourth Issue of ASH & THORN will release on August 19, 2020. Book is all set for release this Wednesday. The fourth Issue will have a total of thirty-two pages.

Meanwhile, the fifth Issue is set for release in the next month. Moreover, the fifth Issue will be the final Issue of the comic. Hang in there, mates! Exciting things will come with this Issue.

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Writer Mariah McCourt writes ASH & THORN. The art given by artist Soo Lee. Moreover, the color provided by Pippa Bowland. ASH & THORN, lettered by Rob Steen.

We can say comic has genre Comedy and Fantasy. It is an adult comic for readers above 17 years. The storyline of the comic focuses on an old lady. She is set out in the dark world to save it.

You can read ASH & THORN on –

The comic will be available on League of Comic geeksand ComiXology.

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