Clay Mann Teases a Year One Return for Batman/ Catwoman

Are you a great DC fan?? Does  DC characters like batman hold your attractions?? If yes, then you are going to be surely amazed and excited by the this awesome news. A new 12 issue Batman/Catwoman by Tom King and Clay Mann is going to be featured in the coming January. Isn’t it amazing? For the die-hard fans of the World’s Greatest Detective, Batman it is surely a marvelous news.

The fans are going to have a wonderful experience as this series is going to ship alongside Bat-Family titles Detective Comics, Catwoman, Nightwing, Batgirl, and a monthly Batman title. An unimaginable Batman book move from a bimonthly release to  monthly release will grow your excitement and interest more and more. A comic composed by Frank Miller and demonstrated by David Mazzucchelli,  Batman: Year One is the biggest narration of all the times about the Caped Crusader. It has often been noticed that King’s centre of attraction lies in the relationship between Batman and Catwoman.

This is going to be the best selling Batman comic after the completion of “City of Bane”. According to Tom King’s word, this comic will be one of the best batman comic showing the transformation of unwanted and depressing feelings from a hope for a better life from fear into bravery, pain into hope, trauma into love by our greatest hero ever. “Batman and Catwoman is a chance to do what Morrison and Quietly did in Batman and Robin: launch an ambitious, accessible, beautiful, thrilling new series that concludes years of stories and defines what Batman is, can, and will be,” said Tom King. The image of  Selina Kyle as Catwoman will make you remember early years of Bruce Wayne and Catwoman’s relationship.

An exciting future for all the DC fans is waiting with this new releasing series. All the detective divers be ready to dive in this world and explore the fancies if the detective world.

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