Penultimate Issue Of CAPTAIN GINGER Season 2#5: Updates

There is a piece of great news for AHOY comics lovers. The updates of the latest issue of the comic CAPTAIN GINGER Season 2#5 is here. This comic can be considered as one of the smart comics. The publication date of the newest issue is here. The fifth and final issue will be releasing tomorrow. That means August 5, 2020.

Captain Ginger Season 2#5 publication date

This  Wednesday, the final volume Dog World all set for. The newest volumes of Captain Ginger comes out every month. The second season started publishing the issues since January. The latest volume 4 came out on July 8, 2020. The ultimate volume which is the fifth volume all set for publication. The penultimate volume will publish on August 5, 2020. The digital copy will release for now.

Captain Ginger Season 2#5
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Captain Ginger comic by writer Stuart Moore. Stuart Moore also wrote The Zodiac Legacy, EGO’s, and Deadpool The DUCK. The co-creator is June Brigman. He designs the art of the comics. The color of the comic by Veronica Gandini. Finally, Introduction given by Walter Simpson. Walter also worked in Thor, Ragnarok.

A total of five volumes will publish of Captain Ginger. The latest volume published on July 8, 2020. The volume was Season 2 fourth volume.

CAPTAIN GINGER is one of the smart volumes by AHOY comics. Moreover, the fans love to read different comics every now and then. AHOY comics always publish smart comic books.

Look at the tweet by AHOY Comics official page:

Captain Ginger Chapter 5: Dog world

The cats inherited the earth after humans died. Cats may not have totally inherited Earth, but they have at least inherited starship. Oooooooo, interesting isn’t it? The story of Captain Ginger and his crew exploring the space begins. The crew stumbles upon something. The hypersonic spaceship that sends signal mysteriously into deep space. The crew discovered that they are not the only one.

What will happen? Are humans friends trying to make contact? Or some mysterious creatures are approaching to invade the lives of cats?

Where to read all the chapters?

You can buy the digital copies of the Captain Ginger chapters from Amazon PrimeComixology, and Read comic online.