Spider-Man: No Way Home unveils closer look at Tom Holland’s Doctor Strange-inspired suit

Recently, a new costume for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man character was revealed. The costume will be seen in the upcoming movie No Way Home.

The images of the new black and gold suit were posted on Hot Toys’ social media platforms. As soon as the new costume was unveiled, fans of the show went crazy. The new costume has so many fresh additions to the original one. The new costume images were coupled with a caption which did not reveal much information. It just said, “One of the new suits,” leaving the fans in mere anticipation.

As Stark is no more, Peter Parker will need to find a new mentor. The search for a mentor has become much more essential because his identity was exposed at the end of Far From Home. It is known to the public that Doctor Strange will take Peter’s mentor role.

Posted to Hot Toys’ official social media, the images of the figurine see Spider-Man in a black and gold costume with intricate ornate detailing reminding us of Dr Strange’s costume. Now the question that arises is, while Doctor Strange helps Peter in designing the new suit, will he also bring some of his artifacts in the young hero’s new costume? It is also anticipated that Strange may teach magical techniques to Peter Parker.

On the other hand, Benedict Cumberbatch will mark his return as Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange in the next movie opposite Tom Holland. It is speculated that he will play the mentor role that was earlier played in previous Spider-Man movies by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. Tony Stark acted as a mentor in previous chapters “Spider-Man: Homecoming” along with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in “Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The new Spider-Man suit has a golden gauntlet on the left forearm. There are inscriptions on the gauntlet, which reminds us of Dr Strange. It hints towards the possibility of Peter Parker learning and casting magic spells. Also, the actor is shooting something which seems more than a web. Dispersing beams are radiated from it in circles. The web also has inscriptions on it, which sounds like Dr Strange to us. This sounds more like Strange’s magic. The spidey costume has a ring on the chest, where Strange had his medallion.

Before, the new LEGO set for the film was teased, which indicated the presence of a Sanctum Workshop. The workshop displayed figurines of Dr Strange, Spider-Man, MJ, and Wong. It is possible that the workshop will be used as the new hideout.

We are expecting a trailer for the new Spider-Man very soon. Make sure to check for the new updates and teasers for fresh news.

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