Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo And This Star Were Not Always Besties. Secrets Revealed!

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has been discussing the early days of the long-running medical drama and has uncovered that it can get very turbulent in the background.

The show’s cast used to include stars like Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl, and Sandra Oh; a large portion of them weren’t colossally settled by then, and in some cases their longing to establish their banner in the TV prompted pressure.

“There was a great deal of contest, a many individuals attempting to sort it out, attempting to gain from it,” the Meredith Gray entertainer clarified on the Ladies First Podcast.

“We as a whole had incredible chemistry with one another, and we had a ton of laughs, however, there were unquestionably minutes where we had fights with one another. We’d definitely offend someone or be feeling terrible.”

“I’ve spoken about this previously, yet the sheer long durations of TV, for the crew and the cast, it was incredibly, long some times to do a 16 or 17 hour day and the degree of exhaustion in addition to the pressing factor that is on entertainers that are on a show is extremely not OK and fits tremendous issues. You’re worn out; you’re frustrated, you’re exhausted, you’re worried. ”

“So I think everyone on the show was a really great actor, and extremely professional and cared immensely about what they did but the exhaustion of our workload and the added pressure of the fame and attention and criticism on all of us was just…”

“I think all that contributed to a lot of things that people were criticized for…It was nevery our fault just the circumstances”

We feel you hon! Every monday morning seems like giving up, but hey you gotta keep your calm and go on..

Well the good news is that Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will be airing from next month. 18 seasons, wow thats a lot of fights covered and dusted under the carpet it seems! We will be back with more updates soon, untill then, takecare stay safe and keep supporting us.

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