BTS’ V gives his own ARMY Bomb to a fan

BTS: For their next concert, they have taken off to the USA with their Permission To Dance! Don’t tell us that you haven’t seen any videos yet? They are re going viral every day! The footage of the boys is coming out and going viral straight away. The army is going crazy!

Also, the army’s main reason for going crazy is yet again the cool guys are making this concert go blockbuster!

They are yet again setting their stage on fire in Los Angeles, go on any social media platform you will find the footage.

At every Concert, the boys’ interaction with the army is the talk of the twin too! The reactions, the moments and the goofy nature are all that the army talks about after the concert.

Another cute Tae moment!

Knowing he has your heart.
Can you beat his style? source: twitter

Another talk of the town is when V gave his Army Bomb to a fan and her reaction was literally unbelievable. Every other army is jealous of that army right now!

The magical part for the music fans is that there are many artists who come, work, and go! But the boys have made their special place and literally earned it. They have touched the hearts of every army, they made history. Not only history but for those who are coming new they have set a benchmark now.

They were formed in 2010, but their debut was back in 2013. They have seven member naming, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. They have turned the world upside down for the artists and the fans! Also, there is no barrier to the language too! Sometimes you may not understand the language but their songs like Butter and Permission To Dance are hitting in every club and party!

BTS: he loved by all.
Therefore, winning hearts. source: twitter

The army was waiting for a long time now, they have been praying for the pandemic to end soon! And after the pandemic, the boys came with a concert of Permission To Dance concert. The boy has taken off to Los Angeles after Seoul and the footage is going viral one by one. So the army can’t calm down.

They have been winning hearts for a long now, every time they go on stage they came to a blockbuster entry to the hearts of the army!

Among many videos going viral, there is a video where member V is talking to the fan with a lot of generosity and cuteness. The army is going crazy and getting jealous of the one he was talking to!

BTS: If you are wondering what would have happened?

Then let’s go! During the concert, V gave his own Army Globe to a fan and also told her to be hush about it. The fan was stunned and went crazy with their adorably cute reaction of his.

Sharing this video on the social media fan wrote in the caption, “tae gave an army bomb to an Army bcoz she didn’t have one during the army bomb wave and then came back to tell her to not tell the staff HES SO CUTE that Army’s is so lucky WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG SUPERSTAR KIM TAEHYUNG WE LOVE YOU KIM TAEHYUN”

There was no full stop, the conversation went forward talking to a fan and the army can’t stop talking about it!

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