BTS breaks own Guinness World Record with 2022: Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards!

BTS: So much going on around BTS that the army can’t get over there any news! There are so many pictures coming in while the concert is going on. The whole internet is flooded with their pictures!

But no concert can’t stop the spreading of good news, Yes army we have some good news for you.

Another achievement in their hand!

BTS: where is the party!
Congratulation to the band! source:

After three continuous years in a row, BTS again won the award for Favourite Music Group at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! On 9th April the 2022 edition of the award took place at the Santa Monica on local time. Every army looking at BTS taking their sixth overall trophy in the award show.

BTS has become part of, “In the Favourite Music Group category” with One direction, Black Eyes Peas, and Fifth Harmony.

They record another Guinness world record for, ‘the most Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards won by a music group’. Last year BTS was listed for this title fifth time, but finally, the tie is broken and They record their sixth win.

What do BTS members have to say?

BTS: Battle they are winning
Breaking all their records. source:

Also, for four nights the band is in Las Vegas for the concert ‘Permission to Dance On Stage.’ But not forgetting the award they accepted it with a pre-recorded speech where RM said, “Thank you, KCA and ARMY, for the Favorite Music Group award. We’re honored and so grateful to receive the award.”  Jimin continued, “This award is for you, ARMY. We are touched by your love and cheer.”

Not only him but it was then followed and expressed by Suga saying, “We will never, ever stop trying our best, and we will show you great performances.” The youngest member of the group, Jungkook, added, “Thank you, KCA, for the award,” followed by V saying “We love you, ARMY.”

The fans can’t stop congratulating the band and showering their love on them! They have always been grateful for all band has done for the army, the bond between the army and band members is very special.

Another win!
Recorded message for the fans and the award. source:


BTS: Are you supporting them?

All over Twitter and other social media platforms is clearly visible that the band has a great following. The army is like a soldier to everything comes attaching the boys!

There is no comment and sign-on on when is their new album coming out. It was said that the boys are practicing their individual songs too! But till now there is no news as such giving us any sign of any new album and song coming out.

Congratulations to the band and the Army! They work along inspiring each other. We hope to see many more awards coming BTS’ way.

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