BTS: A recap of PTD On Stage Las Vegas Day 2 moments!

BTS: Say 2: Las Vegas, BTS Permission To Dance On Stage. There is a lot of moment the army can’t get over on day one. Yet the second day started, after all this love and moments the fans can’t over their biases looking so hot.

Army’s screaming out to support the band and even the band interacted with the armies. Gave their insight to heart and the message they always want to tell the army! That their support matters the most.

While this connection between the army and the band was getting stronger, fans also focused on the moment that made them flattered.

There was a moment when Jungkook sat on Taehyung’s lap this moment when made their stangs go crazy! Even when RM was speaking about coming to Las Vegas and visiting it as a kid then the inner Johnny Depp of V came out.

Day 2 of the concert at Las Vegas, The Permission to Dance on the stage of Allegiant stadium. Not to forget that the stadium where their favourite band is doing their concert is one of the US’s top venues. The Red carpet is all set for the K-Pop band by Las Vegas the fans and the audience can’t get over it now.

BTS: Army can't over these moments.
This moment made the fans cry! source:

All about the concert: full insight!

The songs on which they performed were ON, Fire, So What, Black Swan, Butter, Anpanman, Dynamite, GoGo, and others. As we all know just to make the audience interactive and attractive the list of songs might change on daily basis.

The army knows it well that all the performances by the band are blockbuster, lovely and their showmanship is at the top! This wants the band to for the fans but doesn’t take fans lightly. The fans supported them by showering flowers, holding banners and hoarding, and whatnot!

When the jungkook sat on V’s lap then the fans captured the moment of Taekook. All the stans and the eyes focus on the moment that they for the fans, which is considered so natural and in spots that fan loves this thing most about them.

A cute bridal walk can’t be missed out on by anyone! Jungkook and Jimin’s cute moment that was loved and captured by all, typical bridal style!

BTS Kim Taehyung a la Johnny Depp

The plan of recreating the look of Johnny Depp for the concert, Yes, Taehyung shared his plans for the concert. Now the people got the answer of wearing a jacket in this hot weather! Fans also found out that the look was taken from the movie Cry Baby by Johnny Depp.

BTS: army's is saving the footages.
Again a Blockbuster! source:

The fans can’t forget the way Jungkook played with the army by smiling and showing his sweating ads twice yesterday. Giving the teasing glimpse to his ads with a cute funny smile! Made the fans go crazy.

BTS: SUGA and Jin ducking flowers

As we all saw that flowers were being thrown at the boys, the headband came to Jin flying who is injured. The flower that would come on his face Suga tried to duck them.

Just like other hilarious moments captured by the fans, there was another one where J-hope got scared by the air machine on the stage. He started to run from it and the army found it so funny!

BTS: RM’s childhood memory

None of them can easily get over it.
Flooding of footages. source:

While talking to the Army RM told them that he visited Las Vega with his family in 2009. Again he thought that he would return when made a lot of money. Or maybe he could land here as a student too, but fate brought him there as an artist performing in the concert.

Jin escapes a headband: Not only this but the army was also going BT21 headband, this thrown on Jin by the fan while being on the cart.

In a press conference, they shared that every member is working on their individual songs too! The fans can’t for more new things coming from the side of the band! The artists are filling over the hearts of all and loving every piece of work they are coming up with.

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