Are Erin And Antony Starr Dating? Rumour Or Fact?

Antony Starr gained fame after portraying the superhero Homelander in the popular Amazon Prime series “The Boys”. The actor has been a part of the industry for a long time. Starr almost turned down the role, but fortunately for fans of The Boys, he decided to go ahead and take it. As the show was a huge success and was on Amazon Prime’s top list, the actor’s personal life also became controversial after the spread of his dating rumour.


Are Erin Moriarty And Antony Starr Dating?

According to some sources, Antony Starr is rumoured to be dating Erin Moriarty, his co-star from The Boys. It all started when the famous Instagram gossip account deuxmoi published a series of letters purporting to be from an anonymous source, implying that Starr and Moriarty were dating. In terms of actual evidence, the two certainly spend a lot of time together. They both have a lot of images of each other on their separate Instagram profiles. However, neither party has confirmed their connection, and they may be merely good friends.

Antony Starr Relationship With Lucy McLay!

Antony Starr’s most recent known relationship was with Lucy McLay. There are various photos of the couple together at popular events. Multiple sites claimed they were dating. McLay is a costume designer, and the two have collaborated on three projects. While there has been no official confirmation that Antony Starr and Lucy McLay have broken up, there is plenty of room for speculation. They haven’t been photographed together in quite some time. Starr’s Instagram account has no photographs of McLay. Also, there are speculations that he has moved on with one of his co-stars.



As you can see, Antony Starr’s relationship status is unclear. He may or may not still be dating Lucy McLay, but there’s a significant possibility they’re no longer together. While Starr has never explicitly stated that they are no longer together, it would be remarkable if they are not married by now. Fans will have to make do with speculating on Starr’s dating life for the time being. He’s never been open about his personal life, and since becoming a TV star in the United States, he’s just become more private.