Build Divide: Code Black A New Anime Releasing Soon!

Build Divide is a new mixed-media project which is being undertaken by none other than Aniplex. premiering a new project this October. Following the announcement and a glimpse from trailers, fans of anime based on games are going crazy. In addition, a game will be released around the same time. As a result, both gaming and anime fans will have something to get excited about.

When Will Be The Premiere Of Build Divide: Code Black Anime?

Season 1 of Build Divide is all set and ready to make its debut on October 9, 2021. The anime’s official website has released trailers, a new PV, and some additional information about the series. The entire crew behind the anime has done everything possible to entice viewers to see it. Therefore, Fans are growing impatient as the release date approaches. This anime is expected to be one of the best of the year in 2021.


What Was Shown In The PV Of Build Divide?

Code Black has released two promotional videos. The PV provides us with a better idea of the world’s setting. Build Divide takes place in  New Kyoto, where card games have become an integral part of society. Teruhito Korabe is the protagonist, and he can summon a Guard,  which looks to be his deck’s signature card.

The PV began with Sakura’s outlining the rules of New Kyoto to Teruto. However, we witness multiple fight scenes where the player are seen summoning creatures to battle against their opponents.

Despite the release of the PV, the truth is that we still know very little about Build Divide’s real-world and exactly what the series is really going to be about. However, we were shown more of the main cast, with several of them receiving decks that appear to be centered around them when the Build Divide card TCG launches.

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More About Build Divide Code Black!

According to the official website, the first season will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on January 26, 2022. Yuki Komada will direct the anime, which will include Yoriko Tomita‘s writings and Shinpei Tomooka‘s character designs. The second season of Code Black will premiere in April 2022 as part of the spring program, according to the studio. Therefore, the anime will reign supreme in both the fall and spring seasons.