Baki Hanma Season 2 Announced?

The Baki fandom has been roaring for Baki Hanma Season 2. Fans are hyped to know about the future of the Netflix anime series. Baki has been a well-known martial art fighting manga throughout Japan. Moreover, the recent anime series on Netflix has also increased its popularity. Netflix has a keen eye for its moneymaker content. Season 01 of Baki Hanma didn’t provide the battle the fans craved. However, it did satisfy the viewers with exhilarating blood-splitting fights.

Baki Hanma Season 01:

The Netflix original Baki Hanma follows the storyline of Baki. Furthermore, the series has its uniqueness to the storyline. To make himself stronger, Baki enters the Arizona State Prison. Besides beating his father Yuujirou the Ogre, Baki went to face Mr. Unchained Biscuit Oliva. Baki Hanma Season 1 was released on September 30th, 2021. Unlike other anime series, which are released weekly, all of its episodes were released on that day. The first season provided the utmost exhilarating battles and also showed the character development of Baki. Baki Hanma Season 2 would follow his will to defeat Yuujirou.

Hanma Baki (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

Baki Hanma vs. Mr. Biscuit Oliva

The tall, dark prison inmate isn’t one to be taken lightly. Especially when he faced the Ogre Yuujirou himself, Oliva survived with unlethal damage. Upon seeing Baki coming for him, Oliva got excited and tested him before fighting the lad. Finally, the unavoidable battle took place in the last episode of Baki Hanma Season 1. Their face-off was purely a fight with none at an advantage or a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, the battle concluded with Baki coming on top. A step is closer to facing Yuujirou. Whether he’ll be facing Yuujirou in Baki Hanma Season 2 is entirely up to Netflix.

Oliva Vs. Baki (Image: DeviantArt)

Baki Hanma Season 02:

Though Netflix hasn’t announced anything specifically, we can expect season 2 soon. The anime has provided the ultimate content for action fans. Furthermore, it has been the top story for Netflix in the last couple of months. Baki Hanma Season 2 is expected to be released soon after the first season. The cast would be the same as the first one while some new characters will be introduced. However, the battle against his father may not be shown this season either. It should be noted that the manga series is a long one and several different contents are also available for Netflix before the final fight.

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Baki Hanma Season 2 Plot And Where To Watch

Undoubtedly, the anime series can be viewed on Netflix only. No other streaming platforms have gained the right as of 2021. Mainly, Baki Hanma is Netflix’s gem for an anime series. Baki Hanma Season 2 would be another season with incredible action scenes. This time, the protagonist will be facing Pickle- a prehistoric person. The fighter had been perfectly preserved at Earth’s outer crust when excavators from Colorado dug him out. Pickle is a strong fighter with skills on par with any opponent Baki has faced. Their collision will be legendary and would advance Baki a step towards his goal.