Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 – The Showdown Begins!

Oh My God, it is finally here you guys! Episode 1 of the final season of Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 is here and honestly, it was one of the best starts to an anime that one could expect. Kudos to MAPPA!

Episode 1 began from where part 1 of the series ended, with Marley coming to the Paradis island with its full force, ready to take down Eren and steal the founding titan.

Peick with the help of Galliard the Jaw Titan turns into the cart titan and takes Gabi to safety. but, unfortunately, eren doesn’t have time for that. However, one of the most shocking starts to the episode was Captain Hange finding, the body of Levi Ackerman and telling everyone that he’s dead. Whereas Zeke, reveals to the crew that he’s alive and while he was unconscious a woman was building his body from the sand and showing her the path.



Could this mysterious woman be the goddess Ymir? Could she be telling Zeke that he’s on the right path and that he must absolutely take revenge against Marley? We don’t know, but before his crew could take over Levi’s corpse from Hange and put an end to our beloved hero, she jumps with Levi’s body in the river, escaping. Zeke quite evidently looks absolutely horrified and shook.

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The episode then focuses on Eren realizing that Marley’s large-scale plan could only be executed by one of the most hated characters in the entire attack on titan series that is Reiner. Reiner along with jaw titan tries to subdue eren, but to no avail. However, given the military expertise and strength of Marley, the cart titan launches an attack on eren with a bullet enough to pierce his head. leaving him vulnerable and alone.


Meanwhile, Helena and others are watching horrified as they see eren being subdued and others dying trying to protect eren. Therefore, taking matters into his own hand Onyankopon steals the keys of the basement where Jean, Armin, Mikasa, Connie, and Sasha’s family are locked and begs them to try and help him protect eren.

Connie is obviously outraged at this reminding everyone how eren has betrayed him, but Armin saves the day by revealing that Eren would never in a million years agree with the euthanization plan and that agreeing with such ideas is just his way of convincing Zeke and Helena to join their forces with him.

Everyone tries to remember the eren who probably has sacrificed the most for the paradis island and do agree that eren would never fight so hard for the island if he didn’t want the people of the island to have a future.


However, when Armin turns towards Mikasa and asks her whether she wants to help Eren, Mikasa agrees that she doesn’t, but she doesn’t know if it’s because she actually wants to do it or is it just her Ackermann blood acting on its instincts. The episode ends with Armin looking confusingly at Mikasa whereas Eren is now struggling to be alive.

Will eren actually begin the rumbling? Will all the titans from the wall come forward and crush the entire world? And how many lives will have to be lost for the story of the attack on titan to come at the end?

It is safe to say, that the blood and gore that we saw in the entire three seasons would be absolutely nothing compared to what we’re about to see. Therefore, make sure to keep on watching Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 coming with the next episode on 17th January 2022!



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