Arknights Prelude To Dawn Release Date, Key Visuals, Plot And Trailer

New and different stories are not just portrayed in the forms of music, movies, or series but also in the form of one of the most popular sources of entertainment – Video Games. The gaming fans out there already know that in this new age modern era, the plot of the game goes hand in hand with the quality of gameplay, and one of the most beautiful stories set in a dystopian world is coming soon in the form of a shounen anime titled – Arknights Prelude To Dawn.

The Arknights Prelude to dawn is based on a Chinese mobile game set in the dystopian world of terra, where constant unfortunate catastrophes have forced the citizens of Terra to constantly live in a nomadic lifestyle, with their homes and community being destroyed constantly.


However, the catastrophes lead to an even bigger problem for the citizens of Terra, giving rise to a new disease in its aftermath, which turns the people into extremely violent creatures ready to draw blood. The plot of the series highlights the struggle of the character titled as “Doctor”, who wants to help the victims of the catastrophe and prevent the disease from spreading and consuming lives.

This action-packed story will highlight the life of the doctor as he embarks on a journey to save people’s lives meanwhile battling catastrophes and disasters and escaping the different groups opposing his beliefs.

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New Visual


The creators of the anime series Yostar have recently released a brand new teaser trailer giving the fans a glimpse into the animation quality that they can expect from the series. The visual shows a mysterious girl named Amelia, calling out “Doctor, Doctor”, as she tries to escape from the catastrophe that has put a hole into the ceiling. The visual shows the entire environment covered in dust and soot and the doctor finally gets up revealing that he’s alright.

Arknights Prelude To Dawn Release Date


The creators of the anime first made the official announcement of the series getting an anime on the 25th of October 2021, by launching a 1-minute 8-second long teaser video. However, since then the fans are left speculating as to when they will get the opportunity to watch the first episode of the anime.

However, there is good news because the show might be coming sooner than we expected! That’s right, given how long ago the trailer was first launched we can assume that the anime is going to launch its first episode latest by February 2022!


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