Zombie Land Saga Season 2: Release Date, New Teaser and Updates

The hype created by Season 1 of Zombie Land Saga is yet to die down. Yet, here we are with exciting news of a brand new season and the latest updates. The first season premiered on 4th October 2018 and went on to gain immense popularity amongst the viewers. The trailer for Season 2 was already released sometime back. However, Mappa Studios never fail to amaze us as they released another teaser for Season 2. Read along for Zombie Land Saga Season 2: Release Date and Updates.

Zombie Land Saga Season 2: Release Date

The official announcement for the air date of Season 2 is out! Zombie Land Saga Season 2 is set to air on 8th April 2021 on Japanese Television. Although the release will be in Japanese, you can access the English subbed version on Funimation. With the trailers highlighting the events of the series, the plot is yet to unveil. However, the fans are ready to dive into the idol world of the zombie girls once again!

New Teaser Highlight

The teaser packs in a flash-forward of Season 1 as a recap. The opening song “Tae Yamada” brings the feels back. The trailer is narrated by Kotono Mitsuishi who portrays two characters from the last episode of the previous season – Kotaro and Franchouchou. Furthermore, we see some hum-drum concerning a new song and selling tickets and CDs. Additionally, there are some new faces and more live performances adding to the excitement.

The second season rallies on the lines of revenge because the title itself is Zombie Land Saga Revenge. The Zombie girls will be out to set their fates right and exact revenge on the unfortunate past!

Overview of Zombie Land Saga

Produced by Cygames, Avex Pictures, and animated by Mappa Studios, Zombie Land is a horror-comedy anime series. A manga adaptation with the same name is written by Megumu Soramichi. Moreover, it’s bizarre how abnormal the story is. A group of undead girls from different eras unite to form an idol group. The series highlights the idol culture in Japan and mixes it up with a touch of horror-comedy. It follows the life of Sakura Minamoto who dies in an accident and resurrects as a zombie. Henceforth, she meets other girls with a similar fate, brought to life by Kotaro Tatsumi. They go on to form a zombie idol group, managed by Kotaro, a cruel manager. As strange as it sounds, the series is immensely popular among the audience. Therefore, stay tuned for the latest news regarding the upcoming episodes.

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Zombie Land Saga Revenge

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