Zombie Land Saga: Revenge Episode 6-Release, Preview, Watch Online

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 6 is coming soon. Building further on the zombie girl group, the anime’s new episode is much awaited. Zombie Land Saga is a specialty, even in its genre and fans are excited to see the franchise in a fresh light.

Zombie Land Saga: Revenge Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 will be out on 13 May, Thursday. In Japan, the show’s latest episode will air at 11:30 PM JST. The new episode will air as per the weekly schedule of the anime. Since the show airs every Thursday, the new episode will be out this day. Only a few days remain to episode 6 of ‘Zombie Land Saga: Revenge.’

Preview for Episode 6 of Zombie Land Saga: Revenge

Preview for episode 6 which has been named “Walking Bet SAGA” is already available. Mappa made sure that the preview gets viewers all hyped out. Check out the preview below:


The anime’s first season came out in October 2018, after it was announced in July 2018. Season 1 was produced by Mappa and the anime is a Mappa original. It has not been picked up from any other source. Season 2 was announced in July 2019. In February, word came that the cast for season 2 stays the same as season 1. Finally, in April we can see season 2, out and ready, produced by Mappa.

Previously on Zombie Land Saga: Revenge Episode 5

Episode 5  aired under the name “Little Bodda Bope SAGA”  and aired on May 6. Lily, in episode 5 decides to represent Franchouchou on national television. Hence, she participates in the reality show ‘Japanese Got Performance.’ There Lily beings a direct rival of Light, a contestant and also a child actor. Light despises her and her cute image. However, both of them reach the finale.

“Franchouchou” from the anime (Image: Chikyuji animes)

Coincidentally, Light performs the song which Lily intends. Nevertheless, Lily performs after doing last-minute improvements. Light wins but feels at a loss due to the appreciation that Lily got. Lily and Light part ways on friendly terms while Lily asks him to appreciate what he has got.

Where to Watch Zombie Land Saga: Revenge?

Zombie Land Saga: Revenge is available on Crunchyroll. You can also watch season 1 there. Additionally, the anime is available on Funimation and Animelab. Season 1 is also available on Bilibili and Aniplus Asia. Meanwhile, Muse Asia has licensed season 2.


Zombie Land Saga: Revenge Episode 6 is set to air soon and we can’t wait. The new season has got fans excited as season 1 was widely well-reviewed because of its unique depiction. The bar for season 2 was set high and so far, Mappa has not disappointed us. In the meantime, be sure to read the headliners here for some thrilling info!