World Trigger Comes Back With Another Season In 2021!

2021 is turning out to be a good year for World Trigger fans. After going off air in 2016 following season 1, the series made a comeback in 2021. Season 2 premiered in January this year and will end soon. To keep up the hype of world trigger fans, Toei Animation has announced the third season.

Season 2 and Season 3 updates

Following a 73 episode long season 1, season 2 made a debut after almost five years. Being a shorter 12 episode season whose last episode comes out in April, season 2 receives much love from the fans. The studio, however, had already announced the third season for the show even before season 2 premiered. The third season has been scheduled for release in October this year. A fixed date, however, has not been announced yet.

The third season is being directed by Mario Hatano, who is quite popular as the director of the Future Trunk saga of Dragon Ball Super. Hiroyuki Yoshino, the writer for the first two seasons, has also written the third season. The studio officially confirmed the third season during AnimeJapan 2021. World trigger even released official preview images of the new season on its Twitter handle to celebrate this announcement. You can watch the trailer here:

What is World Trigger all about?

Following the past seasons, Season 3 continues the story of Daisuke Ashihara’s original manga. The story begins with a “Gate” opening in the fictional Mikado city, after which monsters called “Neighbors” appear who easily overpower the humans. Mysteriously an organization called “Border” or National Defense Agency appears and fights off these “Neighbors.” Four years later, when Mikado city has become used to their newfound “Neighbors,” a young boy (who secretly is a neighbor humanoid) moves to the place.


Since season 3 premiers in the same year as season 2, some consider it part two of the second season. The official statement talks of the new release as the third season, which has only increased the excitement amongst world trigger lovers. The announcement has thrilled the fans for the new season coming out in October this year.