My Hero Academia The Movie- World Heroes’ Mission : Release Date And Plot Details

Anime movies irrefutably are growing more and more popular in the coming age. Movies like Kimetsu No Yaiba: The Mugen Train being the highest-grossing Japanese film ever set a really good example for the producers and the creators of the anime and the manga world. The year 2021 alone has seen a lot of famous animes releasing their own movies. For example, Jujutsu Kaisen is also coming out with a movie “0”. Similarly, My Hero Academia is also launching its third movie named “World Heroes’ Mission” and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re looking to know more about My Hero Academia The Movie – World Heroes’ Mission then look no further!

A Look At The Trailer

A scene from the trailer
Image: 20th Century Animation

If you’ve watched the trailer of World heroes’ Mission (link provided below), which in itself isn’t very long then you might be kind of confused. The trailer shows that Izuku Midoriya is now a convicted criminal and we see the entire world after him. However, all of us know that this is just a cover-up for something bigger and more sinister than any of us could ever imagine.

It is revealed that Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki are now working as a team and are a part of a secret mission led by none other than Endeavor himself.  We see the three young superheroes donned in all black, changing their costumes. In the trailer, although we can’t see him we hear All Might’s voice filled with absolute terror and fear.

Although, for obvious reasons the creators haven’t released a lot of information about the plot. However, one thing is clear that this world full of superheroes and villains is in a lot of trouble! If you’ve watched the anime series then you must know that the heroes talk about “the doomsday” theory. A phenomenon where the quirks from generation to generation get mixed up and one day they will create a quirk which if fallen into the wrong hands will cause the end of humanity. It is unclear how this doomsday theory will manifest itself into the movie but one thing is for certain, that this villain wouldn’t go down easy. Every superhero will have to unite and fight to literally save the world.



My Hero Academia The Movie – World Heroes’ Mission Release Date

A look at the trailer
Image: 20th Century Animation

The announcement of the third movie was made around March and fans will be really happy to know that the wait isn’t going to be very long. According to the trailer the movie will be released on the 6th of August 2021 in Japan. However, fans living in other countries might have to wait. The official world premiere release can be expected to be in the month of September or later. However, if everything goes well, the movie might get its world premiere within 15 days of its official release.

Therefore, instead of mulling lets’ wait for august to come! With soo many movies coming out this year, you guys better keep the popcorn ready.

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