Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2? Latest Updates On Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Do you have questions like Why there is no ‘Tokyo Ravens Season 2’ yet? Will it ever continue the series with season 2? If yes, then what will be the release date? To find out more, check out the latest updates about the Tokyo Ravens.

Tokyo Ravens is a Japanese animated novel series written by Kōhei Azano and illustrated by Sumihei. It was adapted into a manga series in 2010. It received an anime series on October 9, 2013, and ended on March 26, 2014. 

Tokyo Ravens are one of the most popular fun anime of its time. Tokyo Ravens season 1 was released in the year 2013. Despite the first season being highly successful, yet there is no news for its revival. Why is there no sequel so far? Will we ever get the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 announcement? These are some common questions in the minds of the fans of this anime. Well, we heard you and have got you covered.

Plot of Tokyo Ravens Season 1

Plot Tokyo Raven’s Season 2

Onmyodou magic was a powerful technique that was utilized by the Japanese during World War I. Afterward, notorious Yakou Tsuchimikado played out a ritual known as the ‘Taizan Fukun Ritual’, which will ultimately bring out Japan as an imposing power. Be that as it may, the ritual turns out badly and the consequence of this becomes what is presently known as the “Great Spiritual Disaster”, an episode that frequents the whole Japanese mainland to date. Likewise, the Onmyo Agency was set up to screen extraordinary movement nearby and to battle any spirits or evil presences that would advance into this present reality.

In the current day, onmyodou has become more refined, rearranged, and modernized, in any event, discovering its utilization in the fields of medication and innovation. In any case, not every person is fit for bearing the cost of this force, as can be found on account of Harutora, an individual from one of the Tsuchimikado’s branch families, who was brought into the world with no spiritual force. In spite of being brought into the world to a recognized onmyoji family, his life has gotten useless as he can achieve nothing with no spiritual force. Yet, he recalls the reality about him making a guarantee with his drew-in cherished companion Natsume, the Tsuchimikado’s family beneficiary, and Yakou’s alleged resurrection. Regardless of his experience, carrying on with a typical and serene life is all Harutora at any point needed. Yet, when a gathering of individuals from the Onmyo Agency endeavor to reproduce the very misfortune that prompted Japan’s destruction two years prior, he chooses to assume control over the issue by battling close by Natsume as her shikigami (ally).

It is true that if the second season is canceled, we will never know how Harutora and Natsume’s relationship develops further into the story.

It is tedious to read a novel and find our answers; we understand. Hence we have brought all the information we have on the sequel of Tokyo Ravens.

Tokyo Raven Season 2 has not officially been announced yet, and we don’t know what the chances are that another season of Tokyo Ravens will go on air.

Tokyo Ravens English Dub

English subbed and dubbed episodes of Tokyo Ravens can be streamed on Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

The renewal of any anime, show, manga, or any show series are numerous things, including source material, popularity, and sales of the establishment.

In this article, we have done all the examinations on the equivalent and have reached a resolution as to Will there be season 2 for Tokyo Ravens. Continue to read to know the appropriate answer.

Do We Have Enough Source Material For Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Source Material for Tokyo Raven’s Season 2

The source material is necessary on the grounds that by far most anime series are only variations from current resources like manga, animated novels.

For Tokyo Ravens, the source material is the animated novel.

Possibly it’s in a similar situation as No Game No Life Season 2 when every one of the animated novels got adapted, so there was no source material for a sequel left.

What number of volumes of Tokyo Ravens are there?

There are right now 16 animated novel volumes of Tokyo Ravens released in Japan. Tokyo Ravens likewise has six manga series dependent on these novels.

The first manga arrangement has eight books distributed, yet it’s simply retelling the first story in manga design.

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Is Tokyo Ravens still on?

The Tokyo Ravens animated novels are progressing. The most recent volume by the creator Kōhei Azano (Black Blood Brothers) got released in Japan on October 20, 2018.

The writer composed just one book in 2017 and 2018. For 2019 and 2020, there was no new volume released.

The first season of Tokyo Ravens used nine volumes, which was excessive. The anime avoided many subtleties. The normal number for two cour series to adjust is around four to six light novel volumes. That implies there is enough source material for another season.

Profit Index for Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Profit Index for Tokyo Ravens Season 2

There is no doubt that Tokyo Ravens Season 1 was extremely successful in its run.

The anime got released on eight disks in Japan, and each sold, on average, around 2,250 copies. The series got a BD-Box on June 23, 2016, and it sold about 400 copies.

The sales are not that bad for Tokyo Ravens, but they are not in the sequel territory. For that, it would need to be at least 5,000+. The good news is that disk sales don’t matter much because streaming revenue is much more significant than Blu-ray profit in 2021.

Tokyo Ravens Light Novel sales

Volume 15 of Tokyo Ravens was released on September 20, 2017, and sold roughly 23,000 duplicates. The most recent light novel, volume 16 that got distributed in 2018, sold around 20,000 duplicates.

Tokyo Ravens Merchandise Numbers

0 figures accessible for Tokyo Ravens, so that implies no Natsume or Harutora figures for individuals to buy. There is additionally just 40 merchandise for Tokyo Ravens.

It’s quite uncommon to discover an arrangement that has 0 figures and an anime variation.

Yet, here are a couple of models for Tokyo Ravens –OST, finishing/openings melodies, web radio, worldwide permit for Funimation, streaming on Hulu, different coordinated efforts, and that’s just the beginning.

The anime did inadequately in boosting the source material or selling merchandise and Blu-Rays. That implies there undoubtedly was practically no benefit produced using this venture for the creation advisory group.

Popularity for Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Popularity for Tokyo Ravens Season 2

The popularity of any season or series always the most important for the renewal of the show. Public demands have proven to be a driving force.

It’s been a long time since the original Tokyo Ravens season broadcasted. So is the establishment still famous and dynamic? We have analyzed this in detail.

Social Media

The official website for Tokyo Ravens is no longer available.

This franchise’s official Twitter account with 28,000 followers tweeted last time in 2020 about Fantasia Heroine Calendar Book 2020.

Google Trends

Google Trends Tokyo Ravens

According to Google, Tokyo Raven’s popularity peaked in March 2014, and after that, it just keeps dropping. The current searches are super low for the franchise.

Even at its peak popularity, it was pretty small, so that’s not good news for Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

IMDb Ranking Tokyo Ravens

IMDb ranking of the show still remains at 7.5, which can be good news but cannot really assure the renewal of the anime for another season.

It looks like Tokyo Ravens never managed to get many fans.  Even the production committee doesn’t care much about this franchise anymore from the looks of it.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 – Is the Trailer Out?

There is no official trailer available for Tokyo Ravens Season 2 yet.

Why There is No Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Why There is No Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

It looks like everything went wrong with this adaptation, from the source material to sales and popularity. It sucks for fans that did support it with the hopes of season 2, but sometimes it does happen.

If we look at the source material the first season of Tokyo Ravens used, we can see that it got rushed with nine volumes for two cour adaptation. The Tokyo Ravens light novels are thick with around 400 pages each, so I wonder how much the anime skipped.

The average pace would be one book for five to four episodes of anime, but Tokyo Ravens season one used one book for 2,5 episodes on average.

As for the sales and popularity, I explained above that it never made a profit or got popular.

And for Tokyo Ravens, there isn’t even popular manga like in the case of Goblin Slayer, so there is no wonder that Goblin Slayer season 2 got a sequel announced before this anime.

Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

The first season of Tokyo Ravens failed to make a profit for the production committee. So there is no possibility that they will invest in producing a sequel for this anime in 2021. I won’t be surprised if the series ends with volume 17 since the author’s previous work did conclude at that number.

So I need to conclude that Tokyo Ravens season 2 will never get announced from studio Eight Bit.

With this, this article comes to an end. We hope the fans at least get some news very soon regarding the renewal. As soon as we get it, we surely will update the same so stay tuned. Please stay safe and keep supporting us.