Will The Dawn Of The Witch Release its Episode 13?

Will The Dawn Of The Witch release its next Episode? Since the 12th Episode of The Dawn Of The Witch has ended, fans are thinking about its next. The reason behind this is their love for the adventurous journey of the protagonists in The Dawn Of The Witch, and they can’t wait for more. Although the previous Episode ended quite well, there was no preview for the next episode at the end of episode 12. Now, this has become a big concern for the fandom whether the makers will release another episode of The Dawn Of The Witch. All the anime that begins in the spring of 2022 ends just as spring is.


Will The Dawn Of The Witch Release its Episode 13?


We are not sure if The Dawn Of The Witch anime is a part of the spring anime because there won’t be an episode 13 of The Dawn Of The Witch! We are here to tell you everything you need about the upcoming Episode of The Dawn Of The Witch. Also, we will give you some information regarding the happenings of the next Episode. Before jumping into the info of episode 13, let us first take a quick recap of the previous Episode of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki.

Recap of Episode 12, “The Beginning of the Adventure”

An adaptation of a fantasy light novel series, Mahōtsukai Reimeiki, produced by Tezuka Productions, the show is a sequel to a popular series, Grimoire of Zero, directed by Satoshi Kuwabara. The first season has six episodes in it. The anime series has received lots of love and positive responses from the viewers and truly deserves it all.

In the previous episode, the war began against the anti-witch group finally. At first, Episode 12 of The Dawn Of The Witch had a very amusing opening. Saybil was told several times not to interfere in the upcoming village of the Witches as it would get him into trouble. However, he still couldn’t resist helping the villagers because of his love for the town and determination to protect the village. We also saw that Saybil laid traps to make fun of the coming soldier’s army. However, the soldiers didn’t get harmed by this, not all but only humiliated because Saybil believes that someone is controlling the military for evil purposes. He succeeded in his plan to stop the army without killing anyone. However, from there, the army of demons came.

Will The Dawn Of The Witch Release its Episode 13?

The traps could not affect the soldiers in any way due to their ability to regenerate limbs and even heads when cut off.
The soldiers take Lily hostage, but Lily is saved thanks to Father and the Mercenary. The Demon keeps on pushing to the village. Being Saybil’s and the other student’s master Zero helps them fight the battle. However, the leader of the Demon Army is still not backing up, and Zero takes the responsibility on her to defeat the Demon. Zero uses her spells and thanks Saybil for giving his powers to her which leads to the death of the army. Her passions are incredible, and she can finish the Demon, which could regenerate.

On the inside of the village, the crucial personas of the town are gathered, with Bishop Ideamor at the center. The remains of the disaster, the creatures that can eat a human life, are attacking them. The Bishop tells them if they want to be protected against the remnants of the disaster. However, it turns out that it was all staged for Bishop to accept that he was involved with the demons.

Will The Dawn Of The Witch Release its Episode 13?

When will The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 13 Be Released?

If the makers decide to release episode 13 of The Dawn Of The Witch, the trio can be expected to have a new and risky journey to embark on. Now that Saybil, Holt, and Kudo have graduated, Professor Zero has assigned them a new mission. Their first task after graduation is to visit the Forbidden Library. Their library job would be collecting information regarding the Remnants of the Disaster. This task is quite risky, and we are excited for this Episode to release, but the question is, will there be a subsequent episode of The Dawn Of The Witch?

We must be patient for the next season of The Dawn Of The Witch to witness the journey of our trio and their first official mission. There won’t be episode 13 of The Dawn Of The Witch. We will inform you as soon as we get any updates on season 2 of The Dawn Of The Witch.

Will The Dawn Of The Witch Release its Episode 13?

Where to watch The Dawn Of The Witch Online? 

The Dawn Of The Witch, season 1, is available to binge-watch online on Crunchyroll. You can avail of this by paying a nominal subscription fee. Through this subscription, thousands of other anime can also be enjoyed on Crunchyroll.

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