What Are Boruto’s Karma Portal Powers?

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime Boruto possess immense power. He has a Karma power, which only a few possess. But, how did Boruto mastered all those techniques? It takes years to master it. Moreover, in a few years, Boruto has transformed into a ninja. However, the greatest weapon in his childhood is his Karma. Momoshiki Otsutsuki forcibly imposed it upon him. Up till now, Boruto has used his karma portal powers for absorbing attacks. He does not have a proper understanding. Shojoji introduced the karma portal powers. Only a few of them possess the type of ability this power gives. Karma portal power is one of the most overpowered thing to exist in Boruto world. Let us learn more about Boruto’s karma portal powers. Also, know all the eight abilities possessed by karma bearers.

Boruto’s Karma Portal Powers
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Eight abilities of Boruto’s Karma Portal Powers!

There are a total of eight abilities which is possessed by the karma bearers. The eight capabilities includes:

  • FLIGHT The primary ability which karma portal powers gives the bearer is to fly. This ability needs time and practice to develop. In the initial stage, this ability can not work. Moreover, the second stage of the karma powers allows them to have the power to fly. We have not found whether the rising power can be accessed in the first stage or not! However, this power is the best thing on can have. This type of power comes in use very frequently.
  • ENERGY BLAST – This power is used only by Kawaki so far. The energy blast allows one to destroy anyone. The power produces a considerable blast that could kill anyone. In the anime series, this power has been used against two of them. The explosion did severe damage to both of them. However, Kawaki does not know to use chakra properly. The power to do an energy blast must be coming from that thing.
  • CHAKRA ABSORPTION – One can steal chakra from others using this power. By placing one’s palm on someone’s body, this can be done. Karma users can extract the chakra and then use it for their benefit. Boruto Uzumaki stole Naruto’s chakra and defeated Boro. However, do not forget that Momoshiki was controlling Boruto for that while.

  • NINJUTSU ABSORPTION – In this, anyone can absorb the ninjutsu in their way. Three persons, Boruto, Jigen, and Kawaki, has used this power till now.
  • CHAKRA RECEIVERS – Here, one can create their chakra receivers. Jigen is the only one who has utilized this power.
  • SPACE-TIME NINJUTSU –  Almost every karma user knows how to use this power. However, the intensity differs.
  • JIGEN’S ABILITY – Jigen has a unique ability to tune things. Objects can shrink down in size using this.
  • ENHANCED PHYSICAL ABILITY – The most potent power offered by the Karma is drastic physical boot. It is a dangerous power!

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