Wakfu Season 4: Release Date And Major Updates Inside

Wakfu is the new hot French animation television show. Also, Ankama Animation is the in-charge of animation for the show. Hence, it is dependent on the MMORPG of the name Ankama.

The match came out in 2012 but it was a few decades after the release of the first Wakfu. The instances of the animated series are put 1000 years about Anakama’s match Dofus which came out in 2016.

An Eliatrope boy is the protagonist of the show. He is the main plotline of the show. But by the time he resides, he doesn’t remember anything. Adding to that, He is in search of his family, but he knows he is in quest to rescue of the entire planet. He gets to know the potential of his powers eventually.

A scene from Wakfu. Image Source: Netflix

This series has a huge fan base and is quite popular among the audience. The rating of the show on IMDB is 8.3/10. The makers of the show have announced that the fourth season is the final season of the show.

Ankama released the fourth season on May 7, 2020. Adding to that, the fourth season was declared as the final season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, airing the episodes is becoming a bit tricky for the show.

The cast of the show is basically its voice over artists. The artists are:

  • Fanny Bloc in the French version and Erika Harlacher in English dub for Yugo
  • Adeline Chetail in French and Christine Marie Cabanos in English dub for Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm
  • Laurent Morteau in the French version and Joe Ochman in English dub for Qilby

and many others are also there.

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This show is about a boy, Yugo, who lives along with his dad. At age 12, Wakfu goes on a quest to find his actual family who is missing, and about studying his abilities. He, along with his buddies, called “The Brotherhood of Tofu,” decide to make their place free of evil forces.


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