Under Ninja The Comedy Manga Getting Its Very Own Anime Adaptation!

Comedy animes, although mostly underrated, that get discontinued pretty soon, have a habit of leaving their mark on us forever. Whether it is the complicated life of a robot and a professor in Nichijou or a plain teenage manga artist with eccentric friends in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, these are the animes that make us laugh till tears begin falling from our eyes and are the stories that we end up loving forever. One of these stories that are surely going to impact you in a big way and are well going to give you a stomach ache from all the laughs is “Under Ninja.”

The story of Under Ninja is set in a world where Ninjas are still a big part of people’s daily lives. They are the cornerstone of a country’s defense, tasked with assassinating the rebels and protecting the country from terrorists. However, just like all the jobs, not all Ninjas manage to become big-shots; most of them do not even get even the most basic of jobs and pretty much end up having to rely on others to cater for them.

Image: Kodansha

One such jobless and unfortunate ninja is Kuro, a young anti-social teen completely living off of his neighbor’s kindness. Roaming aimlessly in his life, Kuro’s life finally takes the turn for the good when he receives a call from the higher-ups for a mission. However, the biggest question is, is Kuro actually any good? After years of inexperience, does he have what it takes? Moreover, why now? Why has Kuro been chosen?

If you’re like us anticipating to find out the answers to this story, then your wish has been answered, my friends, because Kengo Hanazawa’s piece of genius art “Under Ninja” is all set to get its very own anime adaptation and is going to hit the big screens pretty soon. The anime adaptation, which was announced on the 6th of September 2021, will likely make its debut next fall and is going to fill your life with joy and laughs. However, do not mistake “Under Ninja” for a simple comedy anime as Kuro is going to have to fight some pretty nasty enemies looking to disturb the peace in Tokyo. Therefore, do not forget to keep an eye for Kuro and his adventures in Under Ninja coming to your screens pretty soon!

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