Uma Musume-Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date and Updates

This one-of-a-kind anime series has brought a breath of fresh air to the sports genre. It is a story about ‘horse girls’ who are reincarnations of great racehorses. Training at Tokyo’s Tracen Academy, these girls aspire to become future racers. Adapted from a game series created by Cygames, it already has 2 seasons under its belt. Read all the details related to Uma Musume-Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date and Updates.

Everything Until Now on Uma-Musume Pretty Derby

The main characters of the series are girls with ears and tails who enter Tokyo’s Tracen Academy. Their main goal is to train in order to become top professional racers of the country. A girl from the countryside called Special Week enters the academy to fulfill the promise made to her mother. She happens to chance upon Silence Suzuka and immediately falls in love with her style. She is determined to race on the same team as her and thus begins the journey.

uma - musume Race field image of Special Week
Special Week

The second season focuses on Tokai Teio as the main lead. Due to her constitution of being based upon an ancestral horse, she suffers numerous injuries only to stay as a top racer. We see other supporting characters coming to light in season 2 like Mihoro Bourbon, Meijiro Mcqueen, and Rice Shower.

"Horse Girls" Pretty derby feature image
Uma Musume-Pretty Derby: Season 2

Uma Musume-Pretty Derby Season 3: Release Date

The first season that aired in April 2018 garnered diverse audiences. This led to the serialization of the second season airing from January to March of 2021. With the final episode of Season 2 concluding the series, the fans are anticipating another season. With a total of 25 episodes and 3 OVAs to boot, will Uma Musume-Pretty Derby get a Season 3?

To our joy, the manga series has had a fantastic sales record with new volumes making the numbers. With the further release of the manga version, there will be enough material to produce Uma Musume-Pretty Derby Season 3. Therefore, the fans can expect a third season in the making. However, you might have to wait a few more days for the official announcement.

You can catch all the episodes of Uma Musume-Pretty Derby on Crunchyroll. For more updates and info, keep an eye out and stay tuned!

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