Tsurune Anime Film To Debut In 2022: Revealed Through Promo Video

In 2017, NHK’S official website had made an important announcement. They had announced that Kotoko Ayano’s novel, ‘Tsurune; Kazemai Koko Kyudo-bu,’ will be getting a television anime series by Kyoto Animation. NHK general channel had aired this series in October 2018. The novel being awarded a Special Judge Award at the 7th Kyoto Animation Awards in 2016 had already created a buzz around it. Then back in 2020, the official Twitter account for Tsurune disclosed that this franchise would get an anime film project.
Now with the new announcement, let us look at it and the series as a whole.

What Are The Details On The Anime Film

Back in 2020, through the official Twitter handle of Tsurune, we got to know about its anime film project. As a result, Fans were excited over this development because of how good the novel and the anime were. Speculations were going around about when the film will be produced and released. But, the recent upload of their promotional video for the following on the 13th of September on their youtube channel confirmed the film’s debut year.

Along with the promotional video for the Tsurune anime film, it was revealed that Takuya Yamamura would be returning as the director at Kyoto Animations. With these details, Kyoto Animation has promised to reveal even more for this film later on.

A Little Insight On What The Anime Series Is All About

This anime had premiered in Japan on NHK’s General Channel in October 2018. It was licensed by Sentai Filmwork, which allowed them to stream this series on Crunchyroll and HIDIVE. It was directed by Takuya Yamamura himself, and this was his series directorial debut, who had gained experience by being part of other anime’s directorial teams. And this anime is adapted from Kotoko Ayano’s Tsurune: Kazemai Koko Kyudo-bu.

It is also known as the ‘Archery Youth Story’ that follows the protagonist, Minato Narumiya, through his archery team journey. Minato used to be a part of the Japanese Archery team while in middle school. But after the occurrence of an incident, he ignored it and ran away from it until high school. Here, he meets his new friends, and together, they swear and aim to win the prefectural tournament. Along with this, the series takes you through the journey of friendship, hard work, and how one should trust themselves and never give up!

Like the series, we hope everyone will try their best in their ways and succeed in it. Let’s all look forward to the Tsurune Anime Film!