Top 11 Korean Anime To Check Out If You Love Anime

While we’re all familiar with the artistic Japanese animations called anime, not many of us know their Chinese and Korean counterparts. If you have found yourself in love with Japanese anime or want a taste of something new, you should check out the anime’s on this list. They’re just as good as the anime’s we’re used to, with a beautiful portrayal of a different culture and language. Let’s take a look at the 11 best Korean anime.

Similar to how the Korean mangas are called “manhwa,” the allegory for anime in Korea is “aeni.” Here, we’ll look at the series or movies adapted from Korean manhwa or animated by Korean illustrators. 

11. Element Hunters

Element Hunters (Image Anime Club Reviews)

This anime is a mix of adventure and education. It has a Sci-fi setting, with various shonen tropes and lessons to learn in each episode. Perhaps, it will help you fall in love with chemistry!

The ‘Element Hunters’ is a special team consisting of members all under 13 years old. These youngsters are tasked with the critical mission of finding some lost elements. After a large sinkage in 2029, many chemical elements like Oxygen, Carbon, Gold, Molybdenum, and Cobalt disappear from the earth’s crust, and within 60 years, the human population decreases by 90%. The Element Hunters must retrieve these vital elements from their current location in another dimension, Nega Earth. Since they have a young and flexible mind, they can readily enter the dimension and are thus chosen for the mission. Watch the anime to find out how these children save the world!

10.The King of Pigs

The King Of Pigs (Image Trespass Magazine)

This is a dark, dark anime. It covers and deals with themes like bullying and social hierarchy. While we have seen many variants of these themes, The King of Pigs successfully portrays them in a vile yet honest way.

Kyung-min, a man in his 30’s kills his wife impulsively, stressed with a failed business venture. Subsequently, he hides his anger and seeks out an old friend, Jong-Suk, who now works as a ghostwriter for an autobiography; however, he dreams of writing his own novel someday. Meeting for the first time after 15 years, they begin reminiscing about the old, middle school days. The two were bullied and called pigs from poor families by the wealthier students, called dogs. During these days, they were protected by another boy, The king of the pigs- Chul-Yi. Kyung-Min takes Jong-Suk to their middle school ground to disclose a shocking incident from 15 years ago.

9.Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days (Image: Pinterest)

It’s the year 2142, and environmental pollution has completely destroyed the planet. Human life is almost extinct; however, a city named Ecoban and its residents have managed to survive in these hazardous conditions by using pollution to generate energy. The elite group of people living in this city doesn’t want outsiders entering unless they can be used as laborers.

Shua is a man living in the wastelands outside the city, leading a tough life. He makes the most of it, though, for Jay, his childhood friend whom he loves. However, she has feelings for the security commander Cade. How will Shua deal with his heartbreak? Will he find a beautiful life in the crumbles of once beautiful earth?


Oseam (Image: Korean Film Biz Zone)

The innocent and heartwarming tale follows two orphans, Gam-i and Gil-son. The two children lost their home and their mother in a fire. Gam-i loses her eyesight due to the fire and cannot muster the words to tell her brother about their mothers’ death. Gil-son is the epitome of childish innocence; he is mischievous and hopes to take care of his sister. The two find shelter at a Buddhist Monastery. Here, Gil-son becomes restless with their new, stable life.

Upon being offered to travel with one of the monks to a mountain, where he is told he will be taught to open the eyes of his soul, he excitedly accepts. He hopes to come back and help his sister open the eyes of her soul. What fate will the two children face? Will Gil-son succeed? Find out in the Korean anime.

7. A Day Before Us

A Day Before Us (Image: FAD Magazine)

This Korean anime is unique, as it contains short episodes, all of which are available on the LICO TV YouTube channel.

Ha-Eun runs into a boy she recognizes to be her classmate while taking shelter from the rain under a bus stop. He ignores her greetings. Unabashed by this, she gets under his umbrella, accidentally hugging him. She apologizes to him while boarding her bus. As luck would have it, the two of them have a mutual friend, Yeo-Reum, who invites them both to dinner. Here, we also meet Kim-Wook, who crushes on Yeo-Reum. As the four friends get closer, how will their love stories play out? 

6. The Fake

The Fake (Image: HanCinema)

This is yet another dark anime by the maker of The King Of Pigs. It follows the story of a village which is going to be flooded due to dam construction. The residents of the village seek help in the church. They have placed their faith in Choi, an elder in the church who promises to relocate them after the town is submerged. However, he says that only 144,000 people can go to heaven and asks the people for offerings to secure their spot.

Min-Chul, a skeptic, finds evidence that Choi is a con man planning to scam the people out of their money. He tries to reveal the truth and finds himself at the center of resistance against the church. However, Min-Chul isn’t an innocent man himself and is known to abuse his wife and daughter. He is one of the village’s most vile and untrustworthy people. However, when his daughter, Young-Sun, is forced into prostitution by Choi, he plans to take revenge on him and the church. In a battle between two evils, who will win?

5. Shining Star

Shining-Star (Image: South China Morning Post)

Shining Star School is a prestigious academy where many girls fulfill their dreams to become idols; more specifically, they wish to become a “Muse”- The best idol.

Nara Chae has always dreamed of becoming an idol sensation. She meets Jin, who helps her audition for the prestigious Academy. Nara passes but finds out that her skill level is much lower than the rest. She will have to work hard, develop a rigid work ethic, and dedication to become a successful idol. In the story, we see many young aspirants’ experiences as they become idols in this highly competitive world. Will Nara be able to succeed?

4. Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox

Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox (Image: Pinterest)

This Korean anime movie is based on a folktale of creatures called Kumiho – these are nine-tailed foxes that can change their form. They’re usually depicted as evil, trying to lure in humans by taking a female form. However, this story portrays them in a very innovative way. Yobi is a five-tailed fox who lost her parents to fox hunters; she now lives with some aliens that landed on Earth 100 years ago.

When an alien friend of Yobi’s gets captured, she has to venture into the human world and rescue him. Here, Yobi meets many children, including Geum Yee, who piques her interest, so she takes part in more activities with the students and soon finds a lot of joy in this life. However, a few people are eager to capture her; a fox hunter and a shadow man closely follow her.

3. Noblesse

Noblesse (Image: VideoTapeNews)

Raizel, or Rai for short, is the main character of this anime; he is a pure-blooded noble and a protector of other nobles. The Sights of the Union is a criminal organization that is out for Rai’s blood. To protect him from this group’s dangers, his servant, Frankenstein, enrolls him in Ye Ran High School. Here, he learns how regular students live and soon begins to live a peaceful life. However, this doesn’t last long; now, he has to save his friends from the union that was after him.

Soon, the union members join the school, and Frankenstein also seems to be hiding a secret. What will Rai do? And who will emerge victorious? Watch the anime to find out more.

2. Tower Of God

Tower Of God (Image: Anime Trending)

This Korean anime follows the story of a boy named Bam. He lived in a dark cave, secluded from the rest of the world until a girl named Rachel rescued him and introduced him to the outside world. He became close friends with Rachel, and his world crumbled apart when she left him to climb The Tower.

The Tower summons chosen people, called “The Regulars,” with the promise of granting each person their deepest desire. Bam vows to follow after her and forces open the Tower’s gate by himself, thus becoming an “Irregular.” We journey along with him as he tries to reach the top, uncovering the mystery and power surrounding the Tower.

1. The God Of High School

The God Of High School (Image: Slashfilm)

On the number one spot, we have an anime that has gained a vast fan-base owing to the popularity of the manhwa it is adapted from. The “God of High School” is a tournament containing various Korean high school students, all competing to determine who is the strongest fighter among them. The tournament allows all styles of Martial Arts and weapons as well. The winner will be granted his or her greatest desire, whatever it is.

Jin Mo-Ri has been training for years in Taekwondo under the tutelage of his grandfather. He is obsessed with fighting and enters the tournament to test out his skills and challenge stronger opponents. He makes many friends along the way, each with their ambitions; however, more extraordinary secrets lie beneath the tournament stage. What is it? And what will happen when it is revealed? 


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