To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date Announced!

2021 has been a great year for the anime fans so far. In the past 8 months, we have seen some of the most tremendous talent being displayed artistically and beautifully by various animation studios, and one of these great stories that managed to touch many hearts this year was undoubtedly “To Your Eternity,” a fantasy and slice of life story that will leave your heart wanting for more. The greatness of the series is further proven by its amazing ratings, getting a whopping 8.6/10 from and a spectacular 9/10 from IMDb! Therefore due to the huge success of the series, which has also managed to claim a lot of awards this year, it comes as no surprise that To Your Eternity or Fumetsu no Anata e is all set to get a second season which will release in the October of 2022

The plot of the series revolves around the story of an alien creature who is immortal in nature and is born with no feelings and emotions. Left stranded on the earth, the creature has the ability to take the exact form of the things that leave a lasting impact on it. The white ball-like creature first takes a form of a rock and then takes a form of a dying arctic fox. However, it isn’t until he meets a young white-haired boy that the creature finally understands what impact means!



The white-haired boy mistakes the creature in the form of the Arctic Fox as his lost pet Joan and is absolutely elated to have found him. However, the young boy soon ends up succumbing the same way his pet did and dies a young death. The creature takes the young boy’s form, making it his original form, and begins discovering this world of possibilities.

The story of To Your Eternity is about a white orb-like alien creature with no emotions, who is learning about them by journeying across the lands, its adventure to roam the planet earth for the rest of its life as an immortal being, and finding people on its path. This beautiful show that is absolutely going to leave you hooked and in a lot of tears is a show that is a must-watch! The 20 episode series is available in Both English Sub/Dub on Crunchyroll for absolutely free. Our readers can also check out sites like AnimixPlayHd. Also, make sure to watch the trailer of the series (link attached below) to find out what To Your Eternity is really all about!

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